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If I have to take my daughters's to the hospital for anything I will be in prison by lunchtime ?

The SS feminazi's have cranked the destruction of the male species up another notch !!

Omar Ghazzi

'Stalinism is alive and well in Godzone.'

Stalin is never come to Mecca, what is meaning of this?


There is one question there that would better be directed at every husband:

"Have you ever felt controlled or always criticised?"

Ha Ha Ha!


Another example of lawlessnes. This would have been legislated for in an earlier era. At best it can only be a voluntary survey. The questions have no relevance to why most people are presenting at hospital so it would be unecessary and improper to ask them without consent. Have the the executive captured the public service and its satellites to such a degree that they just blindly do as they are told, right or wrong?


Yeah the feminazis are big time molesters and abusers themselves.


Hospitals are the new star chamber and all men are presumed guilty.
This is just another ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and deliberately diverts from what really needs doing.
Lefties love child abuse and domestic violence, it gives them another excuse to intrude further into people’s lives. That is why they push policies that encourage it, (stand back for the avalanche of abuse coming my way).

Thirty five years of trendy middle class, wishy washy liberalism is only starting to bear fruit and there is a lot more to come. The elevation of rights over personal responsibility, the blame culture, a warm fuzzy welfare state, a playschool justice system, dumbed down state education and the deliberate demolition of marriage and sexual morality are only beginning to take their toll. Not to mention the 18000 children killed by the state each and every year. What sort of message does that send?

The chattering classes still have enough moral, intellectual and financial capital to enable them to muddle through but increasing pressure is coming on them with successive generations. The poor however do not generally have such defenses and suffer first and hardest.

Do we really want to do something about these shameful statistics? I do not think so. Much easier to continually beat our chests, call for “more funding” and intrude even further. When things continue to slide we can always beat our chests again. At least it makes us feel better.

Eyes Wide Open

Why not just take children off their mother's as soon as their born and place them in Welfare. Whoops, no that won't work. Just as many children abused, assaulted and killed while in Welfare care, not to mention the lessons on how to use guns, take drugs and drink alcohol.
This is an absolute insult and why would the government suppose that many women will even tell the truth, especially if they feel they jeopodise their children or future children by doing so. This government does not have a clue. Bout time they looked outside the square, swallow their pride, and admit they just can't get it right and listen to some of the groups that don't rely on government funding.
After all many of our present leaders wouldn't have a clue how to have a successful marriage or relationship or bring up children successfully. Perhaps they should listen to those that do and have, that don't walk around with their eyes closed and can actually see why our child abuse rate is so high and can put forward logical solutions that will help stop this downward spiral. (come to think of it, most NZers can see - just seems to be our mighty leaders who either can't or just dont want to).
So much for the Anti-smacking bill, but then it was put forward by Ms Bradford who cannot in any terms counsel on marriage or raising children well and if Sweden is anything to go by prepare for our abuse rates to rise as parents become more frustrated by the fact they can not punish adequately when their children step out of line, meanwhile the disgraceful abuse of children goes on and government scratches it head but refuses help from outside the organistation. As usual our children and families lose.
By the way, what did happen to the murderer of the Kahui twins - or is that too unPC to ask. Perhaps like much of the crime committed by the Police in the past, its just too long ago? to be bothered about any longer.


The police are so corrupt it makes my stomach turn everytime I see one !!


Proposed for men entering hospitals:

1. When did you stop beating your wife (or partner)?

2. Have you ever felt controlled or always criticised?

3. Have you been asked to do anything sexual that you didn't wat (sic) to do?


In the current age - with all the taxpayer money that has been spent on computers -surely it is easy enough to create a database with the following flags:
1. All females under 25 who have a child or children,
2. Who are on the DPB or a benefit,
3. Who are not married,
4. Whose children are from multiple fathers,
5. Who have been (or their partner) either convicted of any crime,
6. Involved in any way with drug or substance abuse,
7. Who are of Maori descent - sorry but they are 60% of the problem.
Now I'm not in any way an expert in such things but
such a database would allow a starting place for action.
Nurses asking questions - forget the invasion of privacy - it's AFTER the event - therefore the usual government ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.


Surely it would be more economical and effective to simply visit each household in the middle of the night, by kicking the door in and doing a spot check?


Hmmm and here I was thinking that we could all answer yes to the first two questions as that is the regime we have come to live under with this government. Silly me I forgot THE AGENDA. Call me a tad cynical but child abuse does seem to be the natural extension of our determination to murder 18,000 or so babies each year by abortion, when life is so cheap what do we really expect.
Come on, grow some ethics, standards, morals, even a spiritual spine and stop whining.

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