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So "Voices of Peace" are combatting "Islamophobia" now. It's gettin a bit tiresome with a new "phobia" appearing almost monthly in print (are they in the medical journals?). I'm wondering when "Christainityophobia" is going to be identified...


"Respect", "Voices of Peace", its a bit like having a group called "Greenpeace" - how could anyone argue with such a nice sounding group? They must be the good guys right? This guy is a "world peace leader"? What, just like that nice Quizling chap in Scandinavia in the late 1930's was? Or the Vichy French? I mean, all they want is peace right?

As one of those "extreme right Christians" who will be attending a "Mosques & Miracles conference" I am obviously seen to be part of the problem. The "Australian anti-Muslim hard-liners" running it are actually a Christian missionary (with a PhD) to Muslims and an Iranian convert to Christianity (also a PhD) who wrote a letter published in Investigate a couple of months ago.

They're saying that a missionary hates the people he wants to bring to Christ and that an ex-muslim has no compassion of those he now sees as his benighted friends? These guys live under death threats and *they* are the ones with the hate problem? Can anyone honestly believe this bunch of lies? Oh wait, I forgot where I'm living, of course people will believe it...

Meanwhile there is a great deal to be rationally feared in Islam, never mind the irrational fears...


I'm thinking I need to get along to that conference too, if only to exercise the democratic freedoms that our forbears died to protect, and hippie appeasers are so intent on surrendering

Eyes Wide Open

Shame on Auckland Girls Grammer.
If they took the time to observe what Islamic radicals are doing to young girls (not to mention others that suffer at their hands) in countries where they are happily welcomed with open arms they may not be so quick to allow a suspended MP, with affiliations to Suddam Hussan, hold such a meeting, thinly veiled as tolerance and peace in a school dedicated to the education of young women.


Gates of Vienna has an interesting background story on the Galloway visit. Apparently it was organised by a group called RAM, whose kneejerk reaction is to disparage the "Mosques & Miracles" conference:

“RAM” is an acronym for “Residents Action Movement”, but it might as well be called “Red Agitation Managers”, based on the smorgasbord of trendy lefty causes espoused by the group.

You can get an idea of the company RAM keeps by its close association with the UnityBlog, “the official blog of Socialist Worker (Aotearoa / New Zealand)”. Look around the site and Che Guevara and the hammer and sickle are much in evidence. These people are old-school Reds.

Quote from their material:

That is why RAM (Residents Action Movement) has taken a firm stand against these first stirrings of organised Islamophobia in New Zealand. With the blessing of an extremely broad spectrum of Muslim groups, along with many other faith and community leaders, RAM is organising Voices of Peace meetings in Auckland as a positive alternative to the fear, suspicion and hatred being spread by organisers of the “Mosques & Miracles” conferences. Our Voices of Peace meetings will be held around the same time as the “Mosques & Miracles” conferences (end of July).
But what is their solution to the fear, suspicion and hatred that are the stock in trade of the Islamist groups? Full inclusion — adopt it as their own?

When Gorgeous George [Galloway] gets involved, you know that what is being advocated is nothing less than full Islamization. New Zealanders may simply close their eyes and think of Mecca.

Adolf Fiinkensein

Surely an immigration minister with spine would deny this fellow entry to NZ? He has been condemned by the Parliament of UK a 'a crook' so surely the SIS must have a dossier on him?

No doubt he will be shilling for that other terrorist sympathise Zaoui while hr is here. Or is that just a coincidence?


I see there are workshops at the "Voices of Peace" events. I'm reading Stuart Robinson's "Mosques & Miracles" book to prepare for the conference and note this quote which might make a good starting point in a workshop:~

“As a counter to the recent rush for political correctness and conformity, Reza Safa disturbingly asks, 'If Islam is a peaceful religion why did Muhammad engage in 47 battles? Why are there so many contemporary Islamic dictators? Why is there so little freedom of religion or speech in Islamic countries? From whence comes the awful violence which kills innocent people in so many countries in the name of Allah?'”

This sounds shockingly similar to Communism doesn't it? Birds of a feather?


Specifically this is the SUNDAY TIMES tabloid!

George G denies the charges.

Could be a case of David Benson Pope, David Parker, Annette King, etc all over again. But maybe not a Don Brash case!


I think we should give George Galloway the benefit of the doubt and give him a warm welcome to New Zealand. Show him some Kiwi hospitality.


Peter...if you read the latest Investigate, you'll see a photo of the actual bank transfer instruction of US$149,000 into Galloway's wife's account...I wouldn't try defending the indefensible on this one - the man is, and was, and presumably always will be, a hypocrite.


All the same, he is putting up a great fight:'s+One+Man+Band+Practice/pos-1-image/

I suppose the funding source would come as no surprise, given the views Galloway was expressing. Views he believed in anyway - no need to bribe him for that.

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