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Kim Hill asked him a few hard questions on Saturday morning with Galloway proving to be as slippery as an eel.


I have no problem with Mark Sainsbury's interview.

I suppose that promoters of Islamophobia would have had a problem with George Galloway's warnings - not thinking of anyone in particular Ian.

Issues regarding funding are surely old hat. His suspension from the House of Commons is for 18 days.

His main "crime" was that he was dropped by Labour and then trounced them when he stood as an independent.

Any funding from Islam sources were subsequent to his championing of tolerance.

New Zealanders - take heed of George Galloway's warnings. I wish he was my MP.


Sunday's 6PM News was far worse.
Reporter Billie Joe Hohepa couldn't get her tongue out of his bum as she treated him like some anti-war international statesman.
Not a word about funding from Saddam Hussein, or even his equally shameful appearance on tv's Big Brother.
The suspension from the British Parliament was simply over "a row" over Iraq.
Instead, we were treated to a wise old sage who said National would take us to War. At least a smiling John Key was allowed to get his denial in.
I posted on this issue at the Journz newsgroup and recieved support all round.
Standards at TVNZ really are falling and print journalists at least are concerned.
The matter has also been raised over at the No Minister Blog , where they have posted some pics of George Galloway that TVNZ either did not want us to see, or did not know existed.


But that is what he IS Darren. An international statesman opposed to the Iraq War!


Thanks for the link Ian. Absolutely apalling, and terribly insulting to those who conducted and participated in "Mosques and Miracles." If this kind of "journalism" represents where much of the public gets its information we are all in for trouble in the future. I wrote an email in the hope that there is still at least one person associated with Close Up who cares about reality.


The fact that you support this wretched facist anti-semite speaks volumes about you peter.


I too have emailed TV One. I am appalled by what is happening in this country - where has unbiased journalism gone. Are the presenters, such as Sainsbury, too gutless to give us a true picture of George Galloway - or is his ideology the same as that of his masters.


Yeah on the whole NZ TV Journo's are nothing but frontspersons for somekind of an add campaign by the way they conduct themselves in interviews.


You have to have someone around to higlight the historical mistakes and contradictions in an eloquent and assertive way. George Galloway fulfils the role.


Just as well we have ONE magazine that has the guts to properly INVESTIGATE Galloway and the like.


I attended the Mosques and Miracles conference last weekend. It was the very opposite of what George Galloway purported it to be. We attended his rant/rave session just to be (over)balanced.
The organisers of M and M's intention was to extend the hand of love and peace to all Muslims worldwide - because the simple fact is that those two words (love and peace) do not appear in any of their books, beliefs or instructions.
It was the very opposite of Galloways description of a 'swamp pit of hate'.

Also the information was presented by 4 people who had spent decades living in a Muslim countrys - Aceh, Iran and others - where at any time they could have been killed for their own personal beliefs.
You tend to get the truth under those circumstances.
Our current crop of TV presenters are too frightened to ask the hard questions and therefore don't have to face the truth - might cost them their job ?

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