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If it's true grapefruit boosts estrogen and can lead to an increase in breast cancer. Women then shouldn't consume regular amounts of soyamilk, eat tofu and go easy on other soy products in general then?

Soy products have powerful estrogen isoflavonoid properties.



Seems to me that those experiencing racism would also be from lower socio-economic groups - so racism may not be a causal driver here. For example there may be dietary implications for those that are poorer, that contributes to cancer. Smoking may be far more prevalent also.

Grapefruit is a worry though. I can't see that the grapefruit is a reliable surrogate for other common characteristics among grapefruit eaters.


One of my mum's favourite fruits is grapefruit. She has eaten one a day, in season, throughout her life. I generally provide her from my two trees for about four months of the year. She's 90. I can't see her being put off by this article.

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How healthy am I and how long can i expect to live?
I'm 5"5, 7 Stone 9 male, who live in the north of England . I exercise about 2 hours a week. I eat at least 4 portions of fruit and veg a day. Both my grandma's have diabetes, my grandfather had glaucoma and my grandmother that passed away before I was born had cancer.

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Really interesting article. never though about grapefruits like this.

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The British Journal of Cancer that found an increased risk of breast cancer among postmenopausal women who ate large amounts of grapefruit.

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