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On one of the motorcycle Lists I'm on one of the blokes was a navy guy who worked at the Pentagon and talked about how the area where he worked was demolished about 1/2 hour before he arrived at work. Another guy told how his niece was a passenger on the first plane to hit the towers. "She was always reading the Bible all the time, I hope it did her some good," he said. We know it did.

Its a pity so many people (35% of the US public apparently) choose to insult the memory of such losses by demonising their own govt. instead of deal with reality.

Matt L

Most Kiwi's have too much common sense to realise that Sept 11 was not an insiders job.

Any Green supporters beg to differ?


I remember this topic arose on my Radio Pacific show one night..and I had this absolutely furious American caller - a tourist - who was an eyewitness to the Pentagon attack - he saw the plane.

He was, as you'd understand, absolutely ropable with the conspiracy theorists desecrating the memories of the victims.


Classic. The thing about conspiracies like the 9-11 Truth movement is that they are seductively simple and seem to answer everything. Sadly, reality is much more complex.

Add this one to the African-American myth about AIDS being a disease to stamp out blacks, global warming being a conspiracy of the enviro-scientific IPCC cartel, and vaccinations causing autism.



Be careful you don't now allow yourself to believe EVERY group of people wearing white coats! Every now and then the majority opinion proves to be wrong, and the 'lunatic minority' are vindicated.

Matt L

Did you meant to say "Most Kiwis have enough common sense to realise that Sept 11 was not an insiders job." Or did you actually mean Kiwis are thick? :-)

Matt L

Ha - good point RobK.

It always sounds perfect in my brain... never comes out perfect.


And I meant to say "did you mean to say..." easily done :-)

Sam Finnemore

I think Brian has it pretty much spot on - shadowy, omnipotent cabals have a lot of explanatory power, compared to messier geopolitical explanations. It was pretty much inevitable that conspiracy theories would appear surrounding 9/11, since it was such a moment of crisis in the minds of so many people.

Sam Finnemore

Oh, and Matt - speaking in my capacity as a lukewarm Greens supporter (voted Green last election), the Loose Change theory is a load of nonsense. :)

We had a lot of fun last year in UOA's Craccum magazine with the theory. Someone published a four-page article promoting the theory, and a friend of mine (a structural engineer) promptly submitted another four-page article ripping it apart. Good times.

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