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Andrei, I don't see your cultural references because you make none

Well isn't citing the Bible a cultural reference? And thats common enough on this blog.

But if I refer to a line from "King Lear" say such a reference will only be understood by those familiar with Shakespeare - True/False?

First and foremost I want my posts to be understood as I intend. Unless there is a compelling reason to refer to a Joseph Conrad novel, a painting by Titian, or Pavel Chesnokov's "Salvation is Created" they will not appear because they could well obscure the point I am trying to get across and might well have to be explained.

A quick glance over posts from the last week or so I do see multiple cultural references - ones that you might or might not recognize but hopefully their existence add to the post for those that recognize them but nothing is lost for those that don't.

Anyway you're a post modernist, according to a comment on your blog, whilst I try to be a minimalist.


Here I was in full rant mode, when suddenly I realised I was a few paragraphs beyond succinct. So, a reply to Paul Litterick on the link below, for those that can be bothered.

Why Define Art?

But Paul, regarding your inability to spot Conservative Culture - if anything can be art, then surely anything can be culture? As I said before, art is merely culture's reflection in the mirror.

Paul Litterick

I was merely hoping that somebody might say something nice for a change, about something they enjoyed. That is the problem with conservatism; it is always opposed to everything.


That is the problem with conservatism; it is always opposed to everything.

Oh cry me a river...


Zen Tiger

Thank you for your latest thoughtful posting to this thread. It explains everything.

Paul Litterick

Zen, thank you for the cultural reference. I have always preferred Julie London's original to other versions.

Anyway, how about that definition of art, then?

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