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Wouldn't parts of this bill be a good thing? More transparency, for example... I've had a quick look at the bill and would need a whole day to make head or tail of it.


Parts of it would, but it has been rigged so that governments can spend up large through departmental spending in election year, while everyone else is required to register with the State and hold their tongues.

Free speech should be free, not controlled by the State.

Shane Ponting

Ian I'm not savvy with writing submissions, do you have a template or something to help me compile a statemen?. Cheers.

Michael Mckee

I'm going to table your article on the "under the table" Union financing of Labour through donations, workers and advertising.
As part of my submission to this bill.

Thank you for the good work and assistance to stand up to the dictators in waiting.



You are quite correct. We simply could NOT have a repeat of what happened three years ago.

Does anyone know when tickets to the play "The Hollow Men" will be available for the Wellington performances?


It is a disgrace that creative NZ should fund a Hollow Man play , however puny petros, I can assure you when Helen Clark's skullduggery is finally revealed to all it will make this complete farce seem very trivial in comparison !!

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