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Shout Above The Noise

When Governments run out of luck they get careless. Clark is merely spitting poison in all directions hoping to land a hit.

BTW when I got back from overseas on Friday, my copy on Investigate had got saturated in the mailbox by Thursdays deluge - only the editorial was readable. I had to go to the supermarket and get another one in the morning ! Roll on the next issue.

Chuck Bird

Ian says, "who's party has after all invited foreign politicians to the NZ Labour conferences...""

I thought that was the case. Would you please refresh my memory?


Isn't Alexander Downer some Australian Tory who came over to the National Party Conference ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Forget about him.

Adolf Fiinkensein

Oh it's much worse than that. The Bilious Bitch had actually cleared his speech notes for the conference. Like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, she was all for it before it suddenly became convenient to be against it. Clearly, Clark is burning her bridges with the Leberal Party. No price is too high for a brief respite from adverse poll numbers. I will laugh my arse off when Rudd and the ALP are defeated. And did you notice that according to the Clark gospel we are 'in the run up to an election'?

John Key just has to keep his mouth shut. She's doing it all for him


AF is right - she claimed on radio this morning (to Paul Holmes) that Downer's speech to the national party was "in the run-up to an election". So do we now have her seeking to extend the political censorship of the Electoral Finance Bill to a period of about 15 months before the election, not just from 1 January in election year?


Helen Clark is clearly suffering from selective memory loss and delusions of grandeur , however in reality George Bush laughs in her face and Australian politicians don't know where they stand with the mad cow . I think the offal pit hole will be full after the election with dead Labour carcass's .

Barnsley Bill

This is the same bitch that had two jags speak at the labour conference a few years ago.

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