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There seems to have been some good results here. If freely offered and accepted, this is a good thing. It worries me when people demand apologies for events that happened.

That said, if one saw the grandson of a man who stole one's grandfather's farm living it up on the proceeds one would likely feel somewhat aggrieved!

Hence I have some sympathy with some of the claims made by Maori over the land grabs...


But didn't our leader apologise to present day Chinese for real or imagined discrimination against their ancestors living even further back in history.

Andrew McIntosh

Hi Andrei,

Apologising for past sins has a scriptural precedent.

2 Samuel 1-9 tells of a three year famine during King David's reign that was the result of a broken covenant by the previous King, Saul. The covenant orginally made by Joshua with the Gibeonites was still legally valid in God's eyes despite the length of years. Following restituation the famine was broken.

A similar example of a broken covenant exists in NZ although it is close to being fully resolved.

In the case of the Fijian apology the chief of a tribe responsible for ordering the killing of a missionary had experienced a curse come on their people and land that was still in effect.

This curse has now been broken through repentance and restitution with the missionaries ancestors resulting in spiritual healing for the people and the land.

The DVD that I first saw covering this story has a trailer at the following link.

It is worth viewing in spite of Fiji's more recent troubles.

Regards, Andrew

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