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The Barnabas Fund is mentioned in that article concerning Britain, they mention Attaullah Siddiqui. The book I'm reading at the moment quotes his view on Christian/Muslim dialogue:

“in contrast with the Christian context, Muslim institutions do not 'express the same enthusiasm that the churches and their units and councils show on the question of dialogue. In a sense, Muslim institutions respond as institutions as far as dialogue is concerned, but are not intitiators of dialogue with other religions and beliefs.'”

Bit of a worry that people with little interest in discussing varying opinions on justice issues, religions and history want to lecture the rest of us the "truth" of Islam.

Since the start of Islam Muhammad and his friends have sought to re-write history as it was up then, including Judaism & Chrisianity, to make themselves look better. Nothing has changed.


At the risk of provoking ridicule from certain commentators on this blog, I would point out that the antichrist will seek to bring economic, religious and political power into one office. At present the Christian world and Muslim world would make it impossible for such a single "office" to exist. Therefore, the only way forward is for one religion to merge and/or tolerate with another society (in economic, political and finally in the religious sphere).

We are seeing this today with the Islamisation of what were previously Christian countries, and the joining together of liberal westerners with Islamic groups. That then paves the way for the antichrist to be the single head for the whole world, with the west and Islam brought under one umbrella. Yes, there are still other major religions - Buddhism and Hinduism - but the convergence is coming.

The Silent Majority

Of course that compulsory education will, I am sure, not cover such issues as the principle of abrogation and the Verse of the Sword, so they will all come out of it believing that it really is a religion of peace.There will be no critical analysis of the Koran, because that is not allowed in Islam.If this goes through it will be an absolute utter outrage and biased in the extreme.


The apocalyptic millenial dispensationalists like Matthew are a vocal subculture of Christianity but they are by no means orthodox. Jesus Christ always talked about His impending Kingdom, and demonstrated how the finger of God smashes the strongholds of Satan.

The Gospel is making amazing progress around the world, in case you hadn't noticed. May His Kingdom come!


Hi Peasant,

I agree with you - the Gospel is very popular (and right), and Christianity is the world's fastest growing and most common way of life.

In addition, I agree that God will destroy the strongholds of Satan.

However, evil and Christianity will continue to grow together - look at the parable of the weeds. The weeds will not be removed until the end of the age, hence it follows that evil will not be removed until the end of the age. Exactly how God destroys the strongholds is described in Revelation, Daniel, Mattehw, Luke and John, as well as other passages (as I guess you are already very knowlegeable with).


Oh I just realised, I am not a dispensationalist, at least based on my understanding of the definition of the word, I am classical :).

But yes I am a milleniast.


Just found this interesting quote on Multi-culturalism:~

"Here is an interesting comment about Multiculturalism posted at a website in, of all places, Bangladesh: “Multiculturalism is an unnatural and unhealthy condition that can only afflict countries in national decline. (…) Greed and corruption will characterise the government coupled with oppressive measures directed against its citizens. Lies and deceit will be the stock and trade of media, politicians, and educational institutions.” Multiculturalism “is used to prevent a national consensus among the electorate. It erodes values, cultures, beliefs, religions, ethnic habits, etc. ensuring a swirling river of discontent upon which the multiculturalists rides. It is a perfect method of ensuring that there can never be accord, unity, or a commonly shared destiny among those ruled.”

Bangladesh! Seems to have a better insight than many...

The Silent Majority

re Matthews post at 12.38 today. I have just started reading Eurabia by Bat Ye'or and (as you do!) I went to the last page first. To summarise, in her postscript, she says "In March 2005 the Spanish PM revealed his project for the creation of an "Alliance of Civilisations" with the aim of deepening political, cultural and educational relations between the west and the arab world. Kofi Annan then later announced a second phase, the establishment of a second international body to parallel the UN and to be called "The World Parliament". Why have I never read about this in the mainstream media?


The Spanish PM is very socialist, so this doesn't surprise me.

Investigate has highlighted the "Alliance of Civilisations" previously, and the NZ Herald did cover it in passing when the movement had their meeting with the PM a few months ago in NZ(good on them for even doing some small).

I am NOT into predicting the identity of the antichrist, or when he/she will arise, but I think it is important to watch what is going on.


Link: the best antidote to Left Behind theology

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