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An American friend said recently:~

"Since the introduction of airbags to cars, I have argued (only somewhat
tongue in cheek) that the steering wheel should contain not an airbag,
but a shotgun shell. I believe we would then have more careful drivers
and the reckless ones would take care of themselves. This is one reason
why I like motorcyclists better than the general population;
motorcyclists tend to accept responsibility for their own actions.

It comes down to whether one believes it is better to protect people
from themselves, or encourage them to improve themselves so as not to
requre protection."

Self-reliance is part of manhood, we're not helping if we try to undermine this.



Reminds me of a skit by English comedian Carot - thinks a guy driving his car might drive more carefully if the airbags were shaped "like a great 'airy bum".

To avoid being plunged into it "let's drive reeealy slowly, shall we? No hurry! We've pleeenty of time!"

I guess you had to see it...

Derek Benning

The "scathing critique" of Newsweek's story on the DGW denial machine is from Robert Samuelson, who along with George Will, has provided sterling AGW denial from within Newsweek's pages. Doesn't make the guy any less deluded.


Well, I am one of those lefties you often deride, but unlike many who post here, I follow the science.

take a look at this-


Not to mention the recent call in Indonesia for a single Muslim State.


Some 100,000 Islamists have
met in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, to press for the re-establishment of a caliphate across the Muslim world.


Oh great fugley is back talking about his belief in hip science . A prima facie idiot .


dad, science does not require "belief", it simply requires the ability to observe, learn, question and test.

I have observed you here, have learned you are an idiot, questioned why I learned that, tested my theory of dad4idiocy and found it proved.


Fugley I am tired, as I just had huge day on kiwiblog , must rest and read my Bible . Another battle against evil another day . The Saints are getting restless !


You cannot win the war fugley as the blood of Christ has unleashed the power of the Holy Spirit .


I guess the Guardian must be a right wing rag then.


lol @ fugley vs d4j.
Two cartoonish characters, a parody of extremes, could almost be the same person! :o)

Sam Finnemore

Be careful about what you say regarding d4j. I've heard he calls people Rosicrucians on the internet.



Never let a chance go by Sam to stick that knife in the back.
Whatever goes .

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