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You will be gratified to learn Ian, I'm sure, that your Air New Zealand story meets with Audrey Young's approval

One last thing - the Air NZ story was broken by Ian Wishart's Investigate magazine. Good on him. It is welcome change from the previous stories on sex and sleaze that have tarred him as much as his targets.


Now Andrei, YOU are the one with the problem here mate!

Haven't you read what Stan said about the Nigerian woman's case: "if anything this just proves how intolerant religions are, we have the exact same problem here in NZ with Christians talking about how evil the liberalisation of morality is"?

I can't keep up the pretence... this is a perfect example of just how ludicrous that statement really is. No-one can agree with this behaviour, but just because some of us attend church others would deny us the right to even comment on it...


Oops! Gosh darn how did I do that? Wrong thread... apply where needed (it is needed on almost every thread).


I'm not sure just how you think TVNZ has plagiarised Investigate. Have they used chunks of your article? Did they claim they broke the story? It is becoming increasingly common for media organisations to not credit their competitors for an exclusive story. Not a single news organisation mentioned that the secret footage of Dewar meeting Nicholas outside the Rotorua Police Station was from TVNZ's Sunday programme. In fact, it is more likely now that a media organisation will attempt to take ownership of a competitors story by discrediting the major figures from the original story. I think you are being a little precious to suggest that Investigate has received some sort of treatment that is different from that of other media organisations.

Congratulations on the story. It was a great exclusive, and left the larger media organisations chasing your lead. It was nice to see a story that wasn't some sort of tawdry innuendo-laden bollocks. I would have liked to see more comments attributed to named individuals, but that's just me. Nice work.



I definitely do not see Ian as being a little precious
to suggest that Investigate has received some sort of treatment that is different from that of other media organisations.

All I read in his statment,
was the fact of how Investigate was treated.
I am sure he is not concerned
about the other media organisations, they are big and ungly enough to look after themselves.

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