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Mustn't offend Muslims must we? Lets pick a soft target - I know, vegans! Another symptom of a general capitulation.

So demonstrations aren't allowed against Islamification in Brussels. In the USA a school in the North East had a terrorism drill whereby not Muslims, but evil fundamentalist Christians angry over home schooling being denied invade a school (of course there are many, many examples of this in real life aren't there?). And now... TV producers are nervous about portraying what eveyone knows as a simple fact.

And as one of the comments said: "I don't understand this, if the BMC have defined terrorist actions as non Islamic then who exactly is it offending? Surely the actual action of terrorism automatically makes it non-Islamic if even it is alleged to being carried out in the name of Islam?"

Yeah. Right.

The trend is especially insulting if one has family members that have been threatened, hurt or killed due to jihadis. And as one of those people I resent this very much. (Several years ago some extended family were living at an International school in Pakistan where the father taught. Two guys with the AKs and grenades came in and killed the two Muslim security guards but, amazingly, could not find anyone else to kill although the classes were filled with kids hiding under their desks praying. Apparently the guys just walked around the school with a confused look on thier faces and finally walked off.)

Call me a sentimental old fool but I find very disturbing the thought that this bunch of cut-throats is somehow now a protected species.


Excellent. Animal rights extreists need to be shown up for the low lives they are. Essentially they are not against animal creulty but a front for psychologically disturbed sociopaths who cannot relate to people. they are against everything to do with the human animal bond and are totally irrational. Luckily most of them grow out of it but the hard core are dangerous and use naive younger people to further their cause just like other extremists.


A friend of mine who is in the Police force reckoned that the Jan 1st 2008 date to begin political advertising was because Helen might want to call a snap election.

Looks like they're pulling out all the stops in order to be as underhanded and unfair as possible.

The only interest they have is in staying in power; they don't give a cuss about New Zealand, or New Zealanders.

Helen, don't let the door hit you on the way out; on second thoughts, let it.

Ryan Sproull


I've met animal-rights activists. If anything, they are more empathetic and compassionate than most people.

The Silent Majority

And is there any irony in the fact that Bridget Bardot, animal rights activist extraordinaire, who criticised Halal killing methods, was taken to court by the Muslims for offending them!

This story also reminds me of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's recent speech in which she said we have to start calling things by their name. She was referring to Bill Clinton talking about doctors who heal and doctors who kill, but never once used the name Islam.

I just get angrier and angrier by the day reading about the liberal appeasement of this socio/political group called Islam, that has publicly stated they wish to replace western democracy with Sharia, on many, many occasions, and the so called Liberal elite just continue to ignore them.


Interesting stuff about the decline of print media. It's a shame. But the Web is far more efficient at disseminating breaking news than newsprint. However I always enjoy the topical analysis provided by such organs as the Listener or Investigate.

Matt L

Ryan said: Porcupine,

I've met animal-rights activists. If anything, they are more empathetic and compassionate than most people.

I find that people who are nice towards animals are generally nice people.

Then you have the extreme where there are some who value the life of an animal over the life of a human...


yeah Life is full of contradictions isn't it.

The so called Free Press censors the truth so as not to upset it's income flow.

I'm not sure I remember too many Hindus, Buddists, Zoastrans or Christians travelling the world to learn how to fly planes and deliberately crash them into skyscapers?

Can anyone put me right on this?
Are any other religions using Suicide bombers against other religions in several countries of the world at the same time?

What I don't under stand is How the EU and Nordic countries can knowingly fund education systems in the Islamic world that train and prepare children to be suicide bombers.

I also don't understand how countries like New Zealand and USA can fund other projects with these same corrupt people knowing it allows other monies to be used for the some terrorist purposes.

Liars and hypocrites abound the world over, mostly in our leadership.
What is this, they are supposed to represent us or is it reflect us?

Are we the liars and hypocrites for voting for them?

The Silent Majority

"Are we the liars and hypocrites for voting for them?"

Typically, the majority of people follow only the MSM. The MSM are biased left wing liberals who are determined to support the "Alliance of Civilisations" and multi-culturalism. The ideologies of the MSM and other so-called intellectual elites are the same as the politicians. Therefore how does the average voter find out the truth? Gordon Brown is ahead in the polls in the UK right now, despite the fact that he continues to import thousands of members of a socio/political grouping who openly say they want to replace democracy with their own law, their "manifesto" being the Koran.

So no-one is a liar and hypocrite. They just don't know what they don't know. The big question is how to better get the message out, to those who don't read blogs and don't go looking for information.


The animal rights activists are nutta used by people who basically have the same agenda as others on the left - control.

As for the Islam thing - the left think it is their historical duty to be anti-establishment. Hence they align themselves with anyone who is anti- what they think the establishment is. Its an age-old phenomenon - Ireland had a lot of German sympathisers in the two world wars and in the 20s and 30s a lot of people became communist because of the percieved rise of fascism pure because the commies were the only ones speaking out against it originally.


ps, just a little public service note: the review of the War of the Worlds musical DVD in the Investigate mag says that the show was in NZ a couple of months ago; in reality it's going to be here next month - in Auckland on the 28th of Sept, and they've added a second show on the 29th.

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