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The same problem that afflicts the West also is starting to afflict the east, based on the BBC report. Increased prosperity and a bigger focus on materialism make people think more about themselevs and their needs, rather then the "needs of their brother or sister" as Jesus said.

This selfishness (which the West refuses to condemn, as that would be judging which "we are not allowed to do") now results in a modern day culture of death: money and selfishness are valued over life.

Keep reporting Andre, no-one will be able to say we weren't warned.

Ryan Sproull

I sure am tired of the imams of feminism.


Most women these days would rather not be called "feminists", the word recalls images of bolshie lesbian militants in combat boots, shrieking anti-male hate screeds and practising poor personal hygiene.

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer women to act feminine, and to value their natural role as wives, mothers, and treasured lovers, as nurturers and comforters of the next generation.

The feminist movement has turned nasty Ryan. It devalues the most valuable things that women naturally contribute to their families and mate. Feminism is virulently anti-human.

Men are created to be the image of God; this is not acceptable to our perverse culture. Women are created to be their helpers, soulmates, pure in spirit (like Mary); this image is also not acceptable to our wicked society. The image of humanity, dignity, love has been subjected to a flood of abuse, brainwashing, propaganda, and commercialism. The world wants us to forget WHO WE ARE.


Helen Clark and all her feminazi mates are a disgrace to good balanced women and manhood . These vindictive and venegful feminazi groups have chanted for years "half the couple , twice the parent ." Go girls and made in NZ male wimps - you really have destroyed the moral backbone of this once proud nation .

Psycho Milt

I sincerely hope you're taking the piss, peasant.


Of course related to this is the unforseen consequences of judges alwyas giving custody preference to the mother, so that the child can be beaten or killed by her latest criminal bonk. The "policy analysts" didn't see that one coming!


The "policy analysts" didn't see that one coming!

Maybe some of the more intelligent did, porcupine.

Socialism depends on having a large proportion of the population poor and unhappy - and the breakdown of marriage is one way to achieve this.

This is more or less articulated in Antonio Gramsci's writings - which part of the canon of marxism.


PM : Nope. Why is motherhood so devalued? A lot of my friends are upwardly mobile women and they don't admit in public that motherhood is one of their life goals. Motherhood is tarnished in the eyes of our selfish culture

Ryan Sproull


Marxism depends on having a large proportion of the population poor and unhappy because it believes that capitalism inevitably causes that unhappiness, which will then be the source of a concerted demand for justice.

If you look at unhappiness and poverty in the world - the kind that Marx thought would turn into revolution - your stories of middle-class New Zealanders' marriages breaking down kind of pale in comparison to the parents watching their kids die of illnesses borne on unclean water.


Peasant says:

"Motherhood is tarnished in the eyes of our selfish culture"

What about fatherhood, peasant?

This thread again shows how silly people all agreeing with each other can lead nowhere.

I would have said CAPITALISM depends on having a large proportion of the population poor and unhappy. This makes immediate sense - a pool of unemployed helps keep the wages (and therefore cost of business) down.

Suggesting that the breakdown of marriage is one way to achieve unhappiness is also debatable. I accept that for the kids living with shared parenthood, this can be disastrous - as with a split you can get radically different family circles. I would be as glad as anyone that this did not happen to me.

But then you have to look also at the happiness and mental health of the adults - I have friends that married far too young and huge differences between the partners opened up as the years went by. AND I have seen this in religious and non-religious families.

I know I am not the only one who would say that a change of partner has led to huge personal growth for a lot of people - I can think of numerous examples.

Speaking personally, I think that the 50/50 sharing of kids is unsatisfactory because it gives such poor continuity. Better to give the child the choice of a primary caregiver, especially through the teens years.


Um, Peasant, men and women together are created in the image of God. A man by himself is incomplete without woman and does not reflect God. Genesis 1:26-27 makes this quite clear.


Lucyna, I agree women are also image bearers of the Creator, I didn't mean to imply anything about men being better, just different. In general I find women to be wonderful. :o)

Psycho Milt

Your reply to Lucyna clears things up a bit. But I'm still having trouble reconciling your initial comment:

"Men are created to be the image of God... Women are created to be their helpers, soulmates, pure in spirit (like Mary)..."

with your clarification. And I don't believe that accepting women are fellow citizens, rather than fulfillers of some particular social role, amounts to "devaluing mothers."


I'm simply affirming the qualities that I believe the Creator has placed in the hearts of womankind. They aren't just smaller versions of men, as feminist propaganda endlessly asserts.


Kids need the love of a respectful father . I care about happy children . God bless you all.


God bless you too d4j, where have you been today?

Matt L

Look - it was right that woman were given equal footing with men.

Like a pendulum that swings to bring correction and balance - sometimes it swings too far.

Of course we should not bring equal footing by chopping the other down at the kneecaps.

Some feel that the quest for equality has swung into a quest to destruct the importance of integrable and, well, manly men.

Of course my wife has a voice that is just as strong if not stronger then my own in some areas. But that doesn't mean I should walk behind her in a dark alley.


It has been often said that in reality women rule America. Just as they rule New Zealand actually!

America will make this more explicit when they follow our lead and elect Hillary Clinton - out of the backroom and being the visible leader.


Yes Petros women do indeed rule NZ , forget the Yanks as George Bush is gladly going to hand the Clinton side show act the power as he has had enough . Back to NZ , the malfeasance feminazi twisted females rulers have implemented their insidious plan to destroy the family by breaking down traditional family values and twice voting at the United Nations NOT to treat mothers and fathers the same . As you are not capable of being a parent petros you would hardly care , but I can assure you criminal charges of professional negligence against this government will be in the pipeline in the future . The destructive feminazi harlots have made us out of step with the rest of the Western World as our hateful gender bias government is nothing more than a vindictive bunch of feminazi pigs .

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