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With her petulant condemnation of Rudd, her Majesty Helen has displayed hypocrisy and hubris of the lowest order.

She presided over the legalisation and mainstreaming of prostitution into middle NZ
She regularly endorsed the celebration of “Heroes” parading sex in public places
She has nothing to say about pornographer Steve Crow’s Boobs on Bikes parade, advertising his erotica expo, and commercialisation of sex.

Helen, are you really a feminist, or just another power-mad marxist in drag?


"Petulant condemnation" is way over the top.

Helen Clark says she did not like this idea of "entertainment" and that is entirely her prerogative.

And Peasant is the true fundamentalist, confusing the concepts of "legalisation" and "mainstreaming".

There ARE things that are legal that attract minorities you know!!

And this is where extreme right wing fundamentalist Christians get very confused. Just because something is legal does not mean that a particular individual has to participate.

The Hero Parade was actually on public television and was full of energy and fun.

Boobs on Bikes has been approved by the Auckland City Council - nothing illegal and nothing mainstream about that.

As for Rudd - he will simply get all the votes he was going to get PLUS some redneck votes to boot.

Psycho Milt

And tomorrow, watch for Zeg's take on the ladies of the National Party's view of John Key's strip club visits...


I am not confused Peter. I see Helen's grotesque moral gymnastics very clearly. It's pure political opportunism and the pursuit of power.

I'm not confused by "legalisation" and "mainstreaming". They are useful propaganda words for the marxist social agenda. Cullen let slip his true colours in Parliament the other day, calling Key a "class traitor".

And I find it totally hypocritical that supposed feminists like HRH Helen happen to endorse the proliferation of a culture of prostitution and exploitation of women.

It's astounding that you continue to excuse Labour's callous vandalism of laws and cultural norms that have actually served to protect the weak. Labour is not about socialism any more Peter, it's about large-scale propaganda and populism.



You are terribly confused!

Laws on prostitution, gay rights, etc have all been passed on conscience votes. A considerable number of right-of-centre politicians have supported good legislation. Helen Clark has had one vote like everyone else.

While unhappy about the over-reaction to the Air NZ business, one can't help but admire the Labour led record in the 2000s.


I admire Labour's record like I admire your comments, and certain other unmentionable floating brown objects


The conscience of this Parliament has failed to reflect the conscience of New Zealand for quite some time, if you'd paid attention to any polls or news items in the last couple of years. The government does not serve NZ mate, it serves itself.


Laws on prostitution, gay rights, etc have all been passed on conscience votes

If you'd believe that, you'd believe anything...


Laws on prostitution, gay rights, etc have all been passed on conscience votes

Actually - you have raised a very topical point about conscience voting.

I know that I personally would have been less upset if it truely was a conscience vote but from what I saw and heard - there was a directive for Labour politician's to toe the party line and vote as Helen voted.

That to me shows a bending of the rules and spirit of conscience voting - almost to the point of appearing controlling and manipulative.


Don't tell Uncle Walt I'm posting on a New Zealand political and topical website...

Ian - you better not start investigating me and the rest of the gang ;-)


The difference really is that the Labour Party has a conscience, and it has social policy.

The National Party just visit the area. Thankfully in good numbers when obvious legislation needs to be passed!

Sorry all you Fundamentalists. The clock is not going to be wound back. Moan, groan, wail, grizzle .. go on let it all hang out!!

Fundamentalists are always trying to regress the world, not progress it.

Go on, moan on.


moan on

Sadly there will also be "weeping and gnashing of teeth" in the long run, not all from 'fundies'...


OK then fundamentalists - here is a challenge to all of you tomorrow. No moaning at all!!! Smile just once!!!

Matt L

The difference really is that the Labour Party has a conscience, and it has social policy.

So is it good conscience to force every member of your party to vote a certain way in a conscience vote - regardless of what their own individual conscience view?

If you answer yes then it is you who is controlling and manipulative - not this mysterious group you like to call the Fundamentalists.

If you answer no then you conceed that Labour has been controlling and manipulative.


peter, your inordinate faith in "progress" is utterly misguided in the light of history, and our once-great civilization is turning into a moral quagmire, ripe for self-destruction or conquest. The cancerous advances of leftists in Europe have hastened the annihilation of their own culture. Who defines progress? It's a sham constructed by the political and media elites for keeping the proletariat happy and dumb. It works doesn't it?


Matt L..

You miss my point. The Labour Party is one with a philosophy. Hence you find that they get accord with social policy. Similarly the Greens and even ACT come to think of it.

The National Party on the other hand tend to exist to be anti-socialists and as such, generally have trouble with social policy.

This may become confusing for some under the leadership of John Key. But don't forget how the voting went with the Bradford bill aimed at curbing violence towards defenceless children. Almost unanimous in favour by all parties!!

Ha Ha!


What a strange comment Peter. Have you noticed the dozens of daily press releases from the National party? But then, you don't let the facts get in the way of an obnoxious, baseless accusation!

John Boy

"Almost unanimous in favour by all parties!!"

And that, Peter, is why they all suck, some just a bit more that others.

I tend to a view that if Labour weren't fixated with gays and sex you'd not like them so much Peter. Not a very broad platform is it?





Wrong John Boy. It is the Christian fundamentalists that are obsessed with gays and sex. In the case of the latter probably not getting their share.

No, the Labour Party, the Government, the Opposition - everyone has moved on.

No doubt some opportunistic political grouping will attempt to milk this issue at the next election. Fortunately the most obvious collection of individuals is a minor grouping of discredited political "refugees". They have all the credibility of Capill and the Christian Heritage at previous elections!

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