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How very very sad.

To be a mother, or to succeed: You must choose.

Can we assume her own mother decided success has nothing to do with how her children turned out?


I posted this on the globe conversation relating to the a book from the library of absurdity !! For whats its worth ;

I do wonder if the insane mother that wrote this garbage would be more appropriate as a patient in a psych ward , wearing a straight jacket and on psychotropic medications , as her comments are a disgrace to all mothers and children of the world .

I have seen some nutbars in my time but this weirdo simply takes the cake .


I thank God I have children: Eight, including one stillborn and 11 grandchildren which should increase to about 20. The youngest is 10 months and the oldest 48. It's a rich and awesome duty to guide and guard them so they come to know their Saviour and fulfill the call on their lives.

Oswald Bastable

She should have them adopted out to foster parents that will actually give a damn and then go hang herself!


I've just come up with 40 reasons not to be a French Psychiatrist.


LOL, I thought she may have just been having an amusing rant, but the story says that each of those reasons is a chapter long! That's one unhappy mother. LOL

I don't think she'll have to tell her kids she feels they were a mistake, her anger will clue them up if it hasn't already.

The only upside to the book is it may encourage people to think more before inserting tab A into Slot B, but those most in need of pre-coitous thought these days aren't the type to read books that don't have pictures.

Some fool will turn her ideas into a political party now doubt.

John Boy

Psychiatrists. Quack, quack.

Sam Finnemore

My dad used to know a man who'd suffered from schizophrenia. One of the things this guy used to remember most clearly about his psychiatric treatment was going into the office, lying down, and noticing that the psychiatrist had a teacup and saucer on his head.

Those crazy quack psychiatrists, amirite?

Danyl Mclauchlan

French psychiatrist, Corinne Maier, has just published a book decrying motherhood.

Where do you get these ideas Andrei? Maier is no psychiatrist - she was an economist at Electricité de France and left after she wrote a very funny successful book called 'Bonjour Paresse' - I've not read anything about her latest book but I presume its similarly provocative and tongue in cheek.


Danyl really?

Corinne Maier


Where do you get these ideas Andrei?

As far as I can tell Danyl, Corinne promotes herself as a psychoanalyst (which, agreed, is not a psychiatrist). However, her boyfriend is a psychiatrist and they apparently have a joint practice.

Psychoanalysts are into Freud big time, which I alluded to in my "40 reasons" counter post.

Various MSM interviewers (such as the link Andrei provided) have called her a "psychiatrist", which either means the interviewer is lying, is incompetent or the editor of the paper is (bad translation perhaps?).

Corinne's wiki bio seems to confirm she studied her psychoanalysis at l'universite Paris VIII (but I'm not sure it is a degree course)


Oh, and I agree. Of course it is provocative. That's what sells copy. But any decent psychoanalyst, and probably a fair few psychiatrists will confirm there are deeper things afoot than a mere money making exercise.

And it's not necessarily all about Corinne, it is how the public react to her "message". Such things can take up a life of their own.


ok I must say some of the chapters seem a bit over the top but it is a taboo for mothers to say that they regret having their kids, but the thing is I have heard many mothers say that in whispers. I much rather read something like this then all the glamorized idiotic gaga mummy magazines that are floating around these days. For mothers who say they regret having their children does not mean they don't love their kids, they do they fiercely do....they are just being honest.

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