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i like you blog.Its really nice

Shout Above The Noise

Any hints as to the subject matter Ian ??

Shane Ponting

Yeah come on drop us a teaser! :)

James Sleep

Your such a moron, you deleted my comment.

How pathetic!

You cannot face the opposition.


Sorry? I haven't deleted any comment on this thread...and none on any other in weeks.

I presume you hit the wrong button.


James Sleep the playthingy of Georgyboy , what on earth has New Zealand become ??

Sick , sick , sick !!!

James Sleep

Grow up Dad4justice, remember you have children, they shouldnt have a daddy that prays of 15 year old boys.

Anyway, Ian, I said, whats the book going to be called?

Helen's bite

Key's fight

James Sleep

a questoin mark after the proposed name - ?


"There was an old duck from Nantucket..."

No, wait, that's been done already...all will be revealed shortly...

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