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Well, I am no friend of Bill English or his party, but I will support him in this.

First, I am yet to see any evidence that it IS Bill English's son. It is possible to be anyone on bebo, in fact, later today I amy even set up a bebo profile using a gaynz person's name and post anti-hetro material, just for fun.

Second, although he is only a young teenager, as Bill said, he is entitled to have opinions and express those opinions. If some people dont like them TOUGH! That's the price of living in a free community.

Third, let's all agree to stop pandering to homosexuals and call them what they are - homosexuals. They are NOT gay, and I for one want to reclaim that word for its original uses. Funny, but I never understood why homos don't like being identified as homos.

Fourth, I have just viewed the gaynz web site and am disgusted by much of its content. But unlike the homos at gaynz, I will not shout and demand it be removed, I will simply exercise my free choice to not look at it again.


This attempted character assassination is disgusting and well below the belt. How could a mongrel low life government use by children as weapons of war so they can endorse their sick ideology. This is typical from a corrupt and a filthy gutter tactic Klark regime that is desperate to remain in power.
Look I have had enough of these scum of earth woolly woofers who play the victimhood card at every available chance. I have had it the deplorable political tactics of a criminal labour government, but what would I expect as National lay down to these distorted labour freaks.
To criticize a man’s children is fighting talk and just shows all the voters how much out of step Labour fools are with the normal world.

There are some men who thrive on acting feminine as a way of shocking people’s notions of masculinity (all male Labour Party faggots) . This can be also be true for some women who take an overly aggressive and rigid style of relating to people ( all female Labour Party dykes ) .

Finding relief, securing safety, and taking revenge are what homosexuality appealing. More important, they are also symptomatic of the root problem within homosexuality.


What are men at GAYNZ doing trolling around on 14yr old BEBO websites?

Maybe that's why many people don't trust them and why our young people are now using the word "gay" to mean sad/rubbish.

As for a parent being accountable for their children's behaviour and attitudes what's so wrong about that.
When they commit crime we cry blue murder about it!

That said I don't think being homosexual is a positive thing at all, if anything it is a negative both to the person concerned and to society.

The children do reflect on the parents.
Just as our government and Prime Minister reflects on us.

Come on lets be consistant about this.

What is annoying people is that the GAYNZ (read Labour supporters) are going after Bill English through his teenage son.

I don't believe Helen Clark will lose any sleep over this character assasination.

Be prepared readers it is going to get messier before election day.
This is Labours supporters opening gambits.

Sick supporters of a sick Party.
Lets get real and tell then truth shall we?


Yes this whole government could come down if the truth gets out about the relationships of Helen Clark and Peter Davis .

There is a difference between being a covering and being a lid .

It is time to lift the lid for the sake of country .


The material was sent to GayNZ by their "readers". Make of that what you will. They asked Bill English if it was his son in an email. He said no. Make of that what you will. GayNZ considered the opportunity to leave alone this way of expressing cyber-homo-agianst-our-view-a-phobia that they insist exists. But didn't. Check their reasoning in their article and make of it what you will.

I agree with the viewpoint that anyone may say they don't like gays and use any language they like to express it. In the same way, gays may say what they will against heteros. Free speech for all, let the ideas stand on their merits.

Adolf Fiinkensein

I hope Bill English sues their sorry distended and dilated arses off them and donates the proceeds to the defense of Iranian apostates seeking asylum in NZ.


"Third, let's all agree to stop pandering to homosexuals and call them what they are - homosexuals. They are NOT gay, and I for one want to reclaim that word for its original uses. Funny, but I never understood why homos don't like being identified as homos."

Fully agree.

Interestingly overseas the 'Queer' word has been reclaimed by the homosexual community in preference to 'gay'.


You have hit the nail on the head.
NOWHERE can I find objective verifiable evidence that one of Bill English's children actually oversaw and completely approved of what went onto Bebo.

GayNZ is the only one saying it.

But then, what do you expect from them? The truth? Phhttph....

If untrue, Mr English has a golden opportunity to sue their sorry arse's and do the country a favour.


GayNZ can go suck my... oh wait...

Um... they can shove it up their...




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