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Yes. I read that piece and appreciate that teachers thoughts. The answer which I would like to see is that the Head gives the parents one written warning. If a second offence occurs then it should be mandatory for one parent to accompnay that child to school and stay with him opr her in the classroom all day for a fortnight.
To loose half one's holiday, or two weeks pay, because of the way our kids behaves.!!!! What an immediate improvement we would see.


You'll find that's a very common problem in most schools. Some school teachers have to use similar methods, even to the point of very mild corporal punishment (light slap/wack) on the very unruly, as nothing else works. Time out and detention is considered a joke, as the little monsters cause trouble so they don't have to do school work. Plus far too many kids try to emulate the antics of Bart Simpson!

Children are the worst physical abusers of children and no anti-smacking, etc is going to stop it.

It's got so bad that some kids bring box cutter knives to school and try to slash their classmates with them!

John Burgess

When children are accorded in society 'rights' that far outweigh their immature status in society why should anyone be surprised at the deterioration of behaviour in the class room. Children are called 'children' not just because of their age but in recognition of their need for guidance in growing toward adulthood. Less is expected of them because they cannot think, respond or act as a mature adult. We protect them by law from numerous results of their own or adults' behaviour. Then, oh dear, we cement into law incremental 'rights' that insist they be accorded the same 'rights' as adults. They are then educated about their 'rights' from an early age in our preschools and schools whose teachers then get bitten on the backside as children take the lessons to heart. What a tragedy when it is apparent only a small minority of adults are in total agreement with the silliness of PC left wing policies resulting in the present behavioural issues.

Also, perhaps blinded by ideology, inconsistency of principles is overlooked by many intelligent people. For example, they may condone death by abrupt removal of a child from the womb but vociferously support a child over an adult who is correcting or restraining a defiant, disobedient and disruptive child in the classroom. Without the threat of death, mind you.

Acting in the place of, and as, a prudent parent used to be a fairly safe position for teachers. In parentis locus now means little to a class room teacher and offers no protection.

All responsibility (for the teacher) but no care (from the education authorities) is helping to drive out of our nation's class rooms good people with good intentions to accomplish good things with and for children.

I am not a casual observer. I began as a class room teacher in 1964 and retired from teaching as a school principal in 2004. I've seen it all!


The many of us who oppose the anti-smacking bill can be forgiven for saying, "I told you so".

The demise of corporal punishment in our schools has not led to a utopia of gentler kinder classrooms. Our children are out of control and are assaulting their teachers (and each other).

The teachers must have control of the classroom. That involves force. At the end of the day the teacher must have the use of force to control the children. Let's deal with things as they are, human nature as it really is, rather than human nature as we would wishfully like it to be. As the Bible says (Good News version), " Children just naturally do silly careless things but a good spanking will teach them how to behave".

The answer is simple -- restore the option of corporal punishment to schools. I predict that schools that take the option will be besieged by parents wanting to send their children there.

Andrew Davies

Nor are the consequences confined to the class room. The first full generation of non corporal training kids are now hitting the streets. Recent events alone are only an indication of what's to come.


AVG, you are advocating that the parents discipline their children. Isn't that what the amendment to S59 wanted to halt? A parent in the classroom would be at just as great a disadvantage as a teacher. It is more important to the socialists that once children have left school they can perform homosexual acts, use drugs freely, ask for help and be unable to defend themselves or have an opinion on anything.


Paul Henry put it to the PM in an interview yesterday that Labour can't fulfil it's promise about teacher/student ratios (I think it was 15 students per teacher they promised?) what with there being a massive shortage of teachers. Helen played ignorant to knowing about any shortage.


There's not a shortage of teachers. There is a surplus of children. Quick, implement a one child policy.


Teachers are like police , that is, they're expected to be social workers under the nanny state regime .

1000 teachers short , many have left after being bashed by out of control pupils . The youth court is a sick joke and it is little wonder that 23,906 New Zealanders migrated to Australia in the 2006 - 07 financial year , up from 19,033 the previous year !!

When is the government coming down . Before Christmas I hope ??


"1000 teachers short , many have left after being bashed by out of control pupils."

Many have also left because they've had a gutsful of the pathetic PC school curriculum and the Ministry of Education's standover tactics to enforce policies and including visits from their absolutely moronic, hopelessly useless child 'shrinks' from the ministry. The behavourial problems are all just the 'teacher's fault'!


The few uncontrolled ratbags make it damn hard for the many children who are well behaved. Even the 'good kids' are tempted to be a bit of a rebel if the rebellious ones are not firmly reigned in.


we've sown the seed of destruction of the family unit by moral relativism and we're now reaping the consequences in our classrooms, shopping malls and back streets.

John Boy

"Helen played ignorant"

An honest effort at last.

An "retired" bloke I know relieves or sorts out problem schools. He is deeply religious and not PC. The education system hates him but still seeks him out because he fixes things. He has as much work as he wants. The politicians know education has turned to crap but the show must go on.


What a great idea AVG.
bet Macharey won't go for it though!


I know Judy, she earnestly and diligent attempted to teach this tone deaf blogger music when I was at primary school.

She is a dedicated primary School teacher who has unstintingly worked in South Auckland when others gave up and buggered off.

She has had knives and bat pulled on her by her students.

That sounds bad but it is worse when you consider that Judy only teaches new entrants!!! That's right 5 year olds bringing knives to school to threaten the teacher.

The Perfect Man

If I was a parent I'd home school. I know many who are and many more thinking of it. No way I'd send little people I love to a NZ primary school.

NZ is just reaping what NZ has sown. Boringly predictable if it wasn't so sad because of the human suffering this shite (having no moral absolutes) causes.

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