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fletch, where did you get that crap? Humans have been promiscuous since the beginning of time, and yet AIDS is a recent scourge.

Abstinence is NOT the cure for anything, it is the cause of much misery.

Eliminating poofters would do more to halt the spread of AIDS than anything else, but we aren't going to do that, are we?

By Ed Vitagliano March 7, 2003

Africa is a continent that has been devastated by AIDS, and while the future continues to look grim for many African nations, at least one has made tremendous progress against the epidemic with a "new" approach -- abstinence education.

In the early 1990s, Uganda had one of the worst AIDS problems in the world, with 30% of its population infected with the fatal disease. Then in 1994, the AIDS prevention approach was switched from primarily encouraging condom use to an emphasis on abstinence until marriage. Since that time, Uganda's AIDS infection rate has fallen to its current 10% level.

While Ugandan officials still encourage condom use, infectious disease specialist Dr. Vinand Nantulya, who has advised Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on his AIDS prevention programs, said the nation's people "really never took to condoms."

"Abstinence remains the best strategy, especially for the risk group aged 15-25 years," Kenyan HIV/AIDS activist Dorothy Kwenze told the Cybercast News Service. "The concept has worked well for Uganda and can work equally well for other African countries."

CNSNews also pointed to a study by epidemiologist Rand Stoneburner, who determined that Uganda's AIDS strategy, if implemented across the continent, could reduce Africa's AIDS cases by 80% -- even in the nations with the worst infection rates. Stoneburner formally worked for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

John Boy

Thanks Fletch. So Fugley, where did AIDS come from? Someone shagging a monkey in Africa or just evolution knocking off the poofs starting in the USA?


Well, I guess if you're a creationist, then it came from god.

I am no medical expert, but it seems as though AIDS in Africa is totally different to AIDS in the west. African AIDS spreads (apparently) through any form of sex, whereas in the West it spreads almost exclusively by poofter sex.


Sorry Fugley don't follow.

Are you saying that aids types have different signatures and can be told apart from each other?

I thought aids was aids no matter which orifice one contracted it from.


Fugley comments indicate his brains are contained in one of these used condoms hanging on John Boys clothesline? lol


As I understand it, yes, there are 3 different strains:

The African that spreads via hetro sex

The Western that spreads, mainly but not exclusively, by male to male anal sex

The d4j strain that, to date, has only one infection recorded.


FWIW, the African strain rages through the het population because of existing STDS and fairly prolific anal sex in the het population which allows the bug to keep going...


And is the anal sex due to the catholic church's stance on contraception?



you said:
"Abstinence is NOT the cure for anything, it is the cause of much misery."

Please explain
a) how someone who abstains from sex can get a sexually transmitted disease from another person who has also abstained...

b) how abstinence can cause any more "misery" than a temporary discomfort.


Abstinence could potentially 'cure' Africa

Is this not a worthy thing?


Well, rob, to be cured, one must first be infected, so abstinence is no cure for AIDS.

It may be a preventative measure, however, I am sure you have heard of babies being born to AIDS infected mothers who inherit the disease. What should we do her? Abort? Euthanaise? Or insist they abstain?

You may have also heard that certain parts of Africa are sufferring terribly from war, and rape is being used as a weapon of war. Is it your opinion that rape victims should carry the blame and the guilt?

Condoms are not the cure all, but they do have a place in preventing spread of disease and unwanted pregnancies. Or do you think that there should be no sex at all unless its express intention is conception?



You were reading more into my post than what was there.

I said Africa needs curing of AIDS. Africa (the continent) IS infected, and would be cured by abstinence.

Technically, if rapists 'abstained' this would help, no?

I was not saying anyone should feel guilty. (Rapists SHOULD though)

You have a very good point about the babies. NO don't murder them! If they did grow up abstaining, YES - this would help wipe out the disease, as I am pointing out.

No argument... condoms DO have a place, as you say. No doubt at all.

The article fletch posted seems to say that teaching abstinence is more effective than condoms. Are you saying that abstinence should not be encouraged as it "causes misery"?

FWIW my wife and I both 'abstained' and suffered no misery (apart from normal frustrated desire and taunts of peers). Neither have we suffered HIV or AIDS.

We loved each other enough to make sure we were committed to each other for life before sex.

Condoms are quite acceptable as contraception, and within marriage sex is a wonderful 'joint' recreation God gave us - it would be churlish of us to refuse :-)


To make it clear - people with HIV are infected with a deadly disease. If I knew I was infected I would abstain so as not to KILL my wife and unborn children.

Would you trust your wife's life to a flimsy layer of rubber??? Hell, no!


Thank you doctor fugley idiot for diagnosing my condition , now I can join rainbow labour and become a MP and walk the street in the nick as no one will hassle me cause I got aids .


Cut and Paste from NZ Conservative blog

tux said...
As a very infrequent visitor - does d4j ever have anything useful to say. Comes across as very angry.

Thursday, September 27, 2007 3:29:00 PM NZST


Angry - not way ho say, as laughter transcends all human beings , go fed tux a dog biscuit you nutbar -lol

The Perfect Man

One can't abstain without possessing self-control. The possession of self-control is the mark of true adulthood. Yes the sex drive is powerful, but so is the urge to konk various idiots I have met - but I don't. Likewise I experience many urges that would see me disobey boring roadrules in the name of 'personal freedom' and 'excitement' but I control myself. If I want to race cars, I can join a race club and let it all hang out there.

Western society is regressing into more violent behaviour etc etc because we don't believe in self-control being one of the marks of being an adult. Oh no - we have invented this 'right' to be UNself-controlled in these times and YOU should pay for the results of the lack of it on MY part.


are you really a perfect man?

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