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Ministry of Education releases new uniforms for improved Schools P.E. curriculum.


Rainbow Labour supports new State Laundry Service with Mother of all Loads.


For the environment recycle.


Dear Peter can you hang out the hubba rubbers on the clothes line. Thank you love Hellun .


Papal rags for sale on holy web site


Celebration as Bishops reject rolling back liberal stance on gays.


In spite of opposition from the Pope, a new batch of life savers parade before heading to Africa.


Washing hanging on the line at Magdalene Laundry.


"Wearing one of these condemns Man to eternal damnation." Cardinal Ratzzy.


I know what I'd like to hang at the crack of dawn one day ?


Just one of these could have saved the world from GW Bush


I was going to say that one of those would have saved us from you fugley , but you were hatched , so there is no point .


Then why didn't you? Maybe becasue that would ahve required original thought, a concept you seem unfamiliar with Peter. At least you didnm't spit venom all over the thread.

Adolf Fiinkensein

It's UN peace keepers preparing to rape and pillage yet another nation's poor and helpless citizens.


It was laundry day at the headquarters of the Highland Regiment.

John Boy

Goodness D4J, so much bitterness. Laughter is good for the soul mate. I think in fact they may be your version of a necklaced spittle catcher.

Alternatively, perhaps an Australian shepherd's hat danglers?


John Boy - mum tell you to say that !!


Shock at archbishop condom claim


Indeed Scrubone,
and the caption is
The Catholic Church formally opposes any use of

The point is did the Archbishop really invoke a conspiracy theory of AIDS infected condoms or is it a BBCism?

The sole source for this Jose Tembe a BBC reporter who is a resident of Maputo, Mozambique.

Its spread throughout the media has been viral as you might expect.

It may be true but Archbishops are not normally given to conspiracy theories, not even African ones.

He is also quoted as saying
If we want to change the situation to face HIV/Aids it's necessary to have a new mentality, if we don't change mentality we'll be finished quickly," he said.

"It means marriage, people being faithful to their wives... (and) young people must be abstaining from sexual relations."

The latter part of course being standard Christian teaching from the days of the Apostles.

And it is that which gets up a lot of peoples noses.


A guy I know who works for FLI reckons that if people did stick to one partner and weren't promiscuous then AIDS would work itself out of society eventually (it would take a little while to disappear from the blood stocks, but it would eventually).

Abstinence is really the only cure for AIDS but that idea horrifies the Left and the feminists - more condoms! they shout, which only makes things worse.

They just don't seem to get it.

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