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John Boy

No one. Govt's only pick on the weak. They won't dare mess with this.


Perhaps we should raise the price of gasoline by 5c a litre to offset these volcanic emissions ?


There should be a UN body that monitors all eruptions around the world and then sends a bill to the guilty nations.

For in the words of David Parker...''we all have to do our bit to save the planet''.


In order to do our part in alleviating this climate change catastrophe, I hereby declare today a fart free day - that will offset at least some of the emissions.


Good idea fugley , please hold onto your farts , hopefully the huge build up of your hot stinking biological gases will blow you to small pieces from here to kingdom come ?


d4j, are you stalking me today?

Spooky, but I know where you live


Come around to my place fugley anytime you like as my door is always open . You are playing a very sick game fugley , do be careful ?


How I wish you didn't have that moniker.

If you hadn't written what you did - Fugley would have retorted as he did.
You deserved it as you were being a rude twat.

I thought Fugleys idea was a good laugh and totally underseving of such rudeness.

Lighten up and pull your head in.


I will leave the door of the fridge open over night. That should help somewhat towards cooling the planet.


Rick, please do NOT do that as any cooling of the planet leads to global warming, just as any heating of the planet leads to more snow, interconnectedness of everything, donchaknow!


I blame George Bush, Big Oil and the National Party. Please contact the New York Times and Nicky Hagar so they can expose this outrage.

Last time it erupted the local iwi sages commented along the lines of "the mountain has spoken..."

Is this the best we can come up with? What happened to the time-honoured tradition of flinging a virgin or two into the crater to appease the spirits? This dire emergency is not a time to be scrimping on costs.

Gaia will not be pleased.


This calls for the sacrifice of Virginus Klarkus so social politicus manipulatus can be appeased. PSB needs to be thrown in too as a protective measure.
Kyoto wins!


Or the local Iwi should foot the bill for carbon credits. :-)

The Perfect Man

Naughty act of God. Proves he is male I guess, hence why these green wackos worship Gaia. Females never hurt the planet you know.

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