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No no, Labour should push this through without stopping to consider democracy. Then when National are elected in 2008, Labour will be effectively shut out of ever gaining power again.

Labour are taking the gamble that they will be re-elected instead and there are enough morons around to make it possible. Then It's full speed ahead to Socialism and utopia! LOL


"If the lawyers can't understand this law how will anyone else?"

Is this a case of déjà vu as didn’t I hear that sentence used to describe the grey area smacking bill legislation?

No wonder Justice John Hansen said the law needs a urgent radical rethink and Sir Jeffery Palmer states our law books are in a chaotic mess. It all makes sense now, as Helen Clark is going to re write the law to her best interests.

Surely a snap election is called for immediately as this far beyond a sick joke ?

Matt L

Before this proposed law those who support Labour were able to say that those who spoke against their disregard for morales and the fundamentals of law and democracy were just being conspiracy theorists.

What can they say about it now that Labour are trying to pass a law that would make Robert Mugabe proud?


hey guys remember the 80% who didn't want to be branded criminals for smacking a naughty child on the bum?

Well I have news for you they all got branded criminals by Helen's Dunne-Key amendment.

Do you honestly think they will just pull this proposal without a fight.

The arrogance and ego involved here is incredible, not to mention the potential damage to their opponants.

It's not about the democratic process, helen Clark would know how to spell it let alone what it means.

The ends justifys the means.
We know better not shut up and vote for us.

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