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You're quite right about the Quakers and Mennonites Andrei, they've earned the right to talk. I had a Mennonite PhD lecturer in one of my Masters classes several years ago - wonderful, biblical guy. And I can see why the Bahai welcomed the event - they need an advocate!

Unfortunately though, I agree with Mr. Hoenlein, it was naive. As much as it represented an reaching out to a man of faith (his UN address sounded like a friday sermon from the main mosque in Teheran) there is an obvious lack of understanding from the Christians of what to expect of the man.

Taqiyya (deception in the cause of advancing the goals of the faithful) is a Shi'a speciality. The spokeslady lamented that a lack of diaogue would end in conflict, but it takes two willing & honest parties to dialogue and that was never going to happen. They have been used.


I think they should have arrested him for the hostages he took in Iran.
Then have a show trial.

Sorry got carried away there, thought America had got it's balls again.
apologies, try not to do it again.


For more info. about this event, go to


For more info. about this event, go to


Not surprising, I wouldn't attend a talk by a man who should be in jail.


Not surprising, I wouldn't attend a talk by a man who should be in jail.


Not surprising, I wouldn't attend a talk by a man who should be in jail.


I'm aware we've moved on, but just for the record I wish everyone could read this:~

Middle Eastern Americans Virulently Oppose Ahmadinejad's Visit
Dr. Walid Phares
"When I read the forum conversation before it was published, I realized that, when put together, one gets a different picture from the one usually projected by some parts of the mainstream media and most parts of Middle Eastern studies scholarship in the US.
Unlike what "mainstream" academia says and Wahhabi-supported lobbying groups pretend, a majority of the 5 to 6 million Middle Eastern Americans, including particularly Iranian-Americans, oppose Ahmadinejad's policies and endorse US containment of his regime.
Columbia University wouldn't have accepted inviting Chilean dictator Pinochet to express his "views," on the vanishing of 30,000 persons; nor would the Ivy League institution invited Milosevich, or Haiti's Papa Doc to share their "analysis" of world events.

Why? ... Maybe Columbia is jealous of Harvard and Georgetown who received a few months ago a combined $40 million from Wahhabi emirs. "

Questions asked the Seven Middle-East American experts:

- How do you view the visit of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to New York?

- How do you view his visit to Columbia University?

- How do you view the Iranian nuclear threat?

- Do you view confronting the Iranian regime as part of the war on terror?


Please read the whole article.


Well UsaBikes;

The USA is obliged to grant Ahmadinejad a visa if the UN invites him to address them.

That's a given.

In a free society Columbia is able to invite him to give an address. They are naturally drawn to such fellows of course and whether such an invitation is responsible or irresponsible is a matter for debate. Academia is inclined left and anti American and this is further exposed by this whole fiasco, as if we didn't know it already.


The National Council Of Churches lost the plot years ago.

NCC praises Ahmadinejad.

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