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In honour of War of the Worlds being on this weekend, this seemed appropriate -


Journalist: Next day the dawn was a brillint fiery red and I wandered
through the weird and lurid landscape of another planet for the
vegetation which gives Mars it's red appearance had taken root on Earth
As man had succumbed to the Martians So our land now succumbed to the
red weed Where ever there was a stream the red weed clung and grew with
frightening voraciosness It's claw-like fronds choking the movement of
the water And than it starts to creep like a slimy red animal across the
land covering field and ditch and tree and hedgerow with living scarlet
feelers , crawling ! , crawling !


Check on the map - the Atlantic Gulf stream (despite its name) doesn't start or even enter the Gulf of Mexico, which is the area enclosed by Florida, Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsular.
Whether or not there are other side effects might be a different matter.


When are we going to get this.
Global warming is not man made.
Our effect is not that large compared to the ebb and flow over the years.

And so what if we all perish from nature that's evolution isn't it?

No just Kidding, I repent lets give the UN the revenue apparatus they want to free them from complete accountability to the free nations of the world.

Oh and while we're at it lets pass the (LOTS) LAW OF THE SEA TREATY, and give away all our sovereignty and assets as nation states.

If we really want the One world government the fundis believe in, this would be a good way to usher it in.

Hey maybe it's providing our Helen with her next role as "she who must be obeyed".

Why are the free nations of the world like jellys?


read this for lite reading.


Oh my Philip,

saying the Gulf stream doesn't doesn't start or even enter the Gulf of Mexico is just plain wrong.

From Wikipedia - The Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream, together with its northern extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift, is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico, exits through the Strait of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Don't believe everything you read in Wikipedia.

for something a bit more authoratitive. The Wikipedia Author evidently is confusing the Gulf Stream with the Carribean Current which passes through (doesn't begin at) the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico. The Carribean current joins into the Florida Current which joins the Gulf stream so I suppose one could argue it forms a part of the Gulf Stream system, but historically the Gulf Stream referred to the current refers to the Current off the eastern Seabord of the United States and Canada north of Cape Hatteras.

This highlights a worrying trend of people treating Wikipedia as an authorative source and assuming that it is as well researched as a typical encyclopedia. While it is certainly a useful source of information one should be aware of its limitations in accuracy due to the largely uncontrolled input by non-experts on the topics


Well Philip,
You are being pedantic IMHO because when all is said and done water warmed in the Gulf of Mexico crosses the Atlantic and the point being made in the post is that a significant cooling of it would have major climatic consequences. Where the Gulf Stream actually begins is irrelevant to this.

And to be sure the waters entering the Gulf before joining the Gulf Stream are hardly cold - lest we get hung up on that issue.

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