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By coincidence I watched a film last night (written by a gay man) that attempted to state that the violent assault of a gay man leaving him brain damaged, by another gay man, was justified because one partner would not take him to see his family. It was more important that "someone stood up and proclaimed gayness". Assault and brain damage was a worthy punishment for not following the gay rights movement line.

There are many TV programs and films out there that are just plain stupid. But ultimately they are exposed by their own words and actions. I look forward to CBS airing similarly controversial episodes involving muslims, gays, feminists, racists etc etc that highlights all the possible extremes of an ideology and then attempts to portray it as the norm.


Can any intelligent human being possibly believe this stuff?

Is this a classic example of the title of Coulter's latest book: "If Democrats had any brains they'd be Republicans"? (note how I join Coulter in making a false generalisation for humorous effect & to gain attention for my point)

Roger old chap - we're waiting for you to jump in and vehemently defend the Christians with that wonderful impartiality of yours :)


As in the past, it is important to remind all to distinguish between fact and fiction here!

It sounds like an interesting movie. Appearances and reality can be two quite different things.

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