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Why is Tim Barnett shamefully silent about the terrible site on Manchester Street , young mothers working as hookers while the baby sits in the pram beside them.
What happens to the baby when mum is carted away to do her work ?

Tim Barnett is a disgrace to Christchurch and New Zealand !!


excuse me i see absolutely nothing wrong with what happened. she was over the legal age to have sex. the only problem i see is that there's a stupid idea that somehow prostitution is different from sex for any other benefits (whether it be for a relationship or whatever). why is it any different just because there's a monetary transaction involved?

if you're gonna live in a country where sex is legal over the age of 16, then be consistent

if you are religious and have a problem with it then either

a) don't judge, since the Bible says not to
b) follow Graham Capill's lead and advocate the death penalty for sexual immorality, and perhaps be subject to it if you ever got into power


Unlawful Sexual Connection with a child under the age of 17 years is the law .

Check it up and tell Tim I will see him in Court one day !!


I guess the law is a success IF it allows prosecution in this case where prosecution would not previously have been possible.

One thing everyone needs to realise is that no law prevents crime. Laws only allow us to outline that which we do and do not find premissable and to set sanctions for those who go beyond what we find permissable.

Even with his original 10, god found it impossible to prevent crime. :-)

A very interesting opinion piece on prostitution law reform can be found here:


"Even with his original 10, god found it impossible to prevent crime. :-)"

God gave us free choice fugnut

Chuck Bird

Stan, how old are you? What is your full name?

John Boy

Leave Stan alone. His views are within a secular mainstream that is understandable. People are just meat with slightly more developed needs than other animals. Yuk it may be to some of us but not uncommon I suspect.


Hi Chuck , is this stan chap the sicko that posts on kiwiblog as Jesus Crux ?

Chuck Bird

John Boy, his view has little to do with his religion. The vast majority of fathers would find his view repugnant. It he is heterosexual I doubt if he would give his real name. It would be good if he did though. It would warm women to steer clear of him.

D4D, sorry I would be guessing.


by the way, FYI i am a Christian

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