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You will know that Xmas day falls at a time of the year when annual festivals were held in Europe prior to the day being "kidnapped" by the Christians. It was a smart move linking the festival and the religion together.

Nowadays, people enjoy the traditions of the festival - it is good that we have a time of joy after putting up with too much "talkback radio" bitching for the previous year. And not only on talkback radio either!

Music is all upbeat. Lots of parties. Kids indulge in some fantasy.

And you are right to say that the Xmas tree has no religious significance. It can be readily enjoyed by anybody.


Ah those dirty rotten scoundrel disciples of Christ..Stealing a pagan bunfight from its rightful owners. Is there no end to it? Where will they stop? One day the blighters will want to be ruling the world.
I wan't to take this opportunity Peter to wish you a happy Christmas, [when we celebrate the birth of Jesus] and to pass on a message to you ".. peace on earth to all men of good will" and to reassure you of God's love for you.



Probably a bit early still for the Xmas greetings - have you written your Xmas cards already? I thought I might make a start this weekend.

I was just illustrating the point that Xmas is there for all to enjoy and that is what they do.

I like carols and Xmas music just as much as any other kind of music. Not all refer to Christian themes - like Good King Wenceslas, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, Snoopy's Xmas, etc.

In fact carols were originally associated with dance. Do fundamentalists like to dance?


Yes Peter this Fundi certainly does especially with my wife.
Who I might say is a better dancer than I but that's probably too much info ;-)

I too also want to assure you God does love you as George did.

Don't expect to spend eternity with him if you don't want to be with him now.
He's not a Grinch but faithful and true.

Quite unlike any other person you've ever met.


Mickmac and George

Nice sentiments .. get yourselves a Xmas tree and some mistletoe.

And may the angels and fairies bestow much sparkle into your lives!


People are free to celebrate whatever they want, it's much too rich for modern-day Christians to get on their high horses all the time about what they own and what their rights are over others. I admire Dunne for always sticking up for the countries oppressed by China's government.


I like Snoopy's Christmas.

You're right peter, Christain fundamentalists should not have hijacked December 25th - Jesus was more likely born in the middle of the year anyways. Shepherds would have been able to "watch over their flocks by night" without getting their toes frozen off...

Tried to de-emphasize Christmas but can't when you have little kids!


Yes and how DARE some Scottish Golf Club flog the name of St Andrew, that well known Scottish hero who became a disciple of Jesus in the Middle East


careful peter, that's golf you're picking on there!


What do Roman Catholics think of this link. In particular, look at the tabulation at the bottom:

Sam Finnemore

It appears from Andrei's link that the Christmas tree has been replaced, after the university reversed its decision.

John Boy

Mistletoe and fairies Peter? Sounds like a Labour Party end of year bash.


There is another method John Boy

Go to the local Xmas Heirloom Company and wander round and round and round all day. Twinkling stars, red and silver on green, fairies, angels, mistletoe, holly and ivy, parcels .....


Peter, Roman Catholic clergy are celibate, so sexual orientation is irrelevant.


Lucyna says:

".. Roman Catholic clergy are celibate, so sexual orientation is irrelevant"

Not so Lucy! How could this be?

Sexual orientation is a clear and obvious criterion for choosing life as a priest, given the conditions of employment!

I was not at all surprised that such a vast majority of American bishops were gay.

But I think you should modify your statement to read:

"Roman Catholic clergy are SUPPOSED TO BE celibate"

If you think for a moment that all are, then you are obviously not reading newspapers. This issue is at crisis point in the US.


Sorry, much as I disagree with the whole 'priest' thing, I flatly refuse to believe the list od supposed 'homo' bishops, etc.

I would have to see their evidence - photos of them mouth kissing perhaps?

Otherwise how can they pick the homos without catching them 'at it' with another man, perhaps they look queer?



I assume you do know that the Vatican was very concerned about gayness in the priesthood and seminaries of the US. They sent out inspectors.

I still see the Roman Catholic priesthood as unattractive to heterosexuals. On the other hand, such a brotherhood would have something to offer gays.

Of course a certain number leave to get married. I wonder how many centuries it will be till this dogma-bound hierarchy completely wake up?


" "Santa" is just a grotesque caricature of Saint Nicholas who is commemorated on December the 6th, close enough to Christmas for him to have become wrapped up in all the tinsel and dross."

Not forgetting.

The Coca Cola Company are responsible for what is considered the modern version of Santa.


Is it just me, or does the picture of St Nicholas look remarkably like our very own Pete Hodgson?

It's enough to make me halt the Christmas frivolity. We have had enough presents from him already.

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