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It's clear that not being a Muslim in a Muslim governed state is no fun.
Take malaysia for instance.
if you're a Muslim you get all sorts of benefits and access to education business loans etc etc.
but if you're born Malaysian but are not Muslim.

Its worth remembering NO state is a Muslim state onl;y governed by them.
so things can change.

Likewise NO ONE is born Muslim they choose it or it is enforced on them.

Lets make the world a better place.
where everyone has complete choice of their religion whether A Godder type or a No godder type.


Actually Andrei, it is a clash of civilisation and barbarism, not a clash BETWEEN civilisations.

A good spoof headline I saw somewhere back a while read: "Pope implies Islam a violent religion, angry Muslims bomb churches".


Yes, the myth of an "Islamic civilisation" is pervasive but false. The so-called civilisation of historic Islam depended almost entirely on the Jews, Hindus, Christians and - while they were around - Persian Zoroastrians in the lands conquered by Islam.

There is very little of the original Islamic culture which could be classed as a 'civilisation', given that Islam heralded from the Saudi peninsula, home to disparate and competing tribes of traders and brigands (harsh but true). At the time Arabia was so backward that Islam's treatment of women, for example, was considered an improvement over prevailing conditions. Nowadays most of us would see it as a huge backward step.

Some really great intellects were indeed Muslim during Islam's history, but most were either converts or "dhimmi" - the last dregs of real civilisations that were subsumed by Islam.

Further reading:~

and (8 minute audio)


One of the points in the "Civilisation versus barbarism" argument, is that in so far as an Islamic "civilisation" exists, militant Islam is just as much AGAINST that as it is against Western civilisation.

I think this argument originated with Daniel Pipes.

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