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I am shocked by your total lack of sportsmanship. This is one area where NZ always prided itself, but that is clearly lost on you!

Australia were the better team on the night, so why not offer them whole hearted congratulations.

As far as I am concerned, NZ were more competitive than I thought they would be. Australia on recent form would have expected to win by quite a margin.

NZ has a proud sporting record, exemplified at present by our rowers, among others.

I thought that the very flat Frank Stephenson was disastrous on the National Anthem of NZ however, really shown up by Ben Makisi singing the Australian one. Both are NZ artists, though unfortunately one of them appropriately trained for what he had to do.

But look - it is only a game of sport. No need to turn sport into a religion Ian. And linking it with social engineering - it is people like you that constantly try to undermine our pride in our country and leadership - and that of our young. And then you question morale.

Just to remind anyone - we are ALL socially engineered! It is just that some of the social engineering of the past is no longer useful in the more global world.

Your attitude I find quite distasteful Ian, and makes me ashamed to be a NZer. Find a mirror Ian.


Australia won, fair and square. But there are reasons for NZ's loss and if one takes an objective rational approach one sees that our sports teams don't handle mental pressure well...

I think one would have to be blind not to recognise that stamping out the "killer instinct" on the sports field at school impacts on the psychology of future athletes...



You certainly have not lost YOUR killer instinct! You just have to look at the pictures - linking Helen Clark to this loss. What a cheek!

And you have absolutely no right to use words like objective and rational, really, until WE SEE you applying both words to your ramblings.

You show an absence of both objectivity and rationality. If that were the case, tell me when you last looked at any issue fairly from both sides? You are of course joking.

It is true that at schools, there has been a trend to increase PARTICIPATION, recognising that fitness, fun and outdoors is an entitlement of all, not just a parochial exercise perforemed by a precious elite. There has also been a bigger focus on skills and sportsmanship than turning the young into killers.

This approach has worked. The number of NZers now employed in sport here and overseas has rocketed up since the days when virtually all were amateur. Not only that, but we have coaches keenly sought all over the world.

But this has brought a bigger talent pool to sport, not a diminished pool.

Tell me about our loss of killer instinct in rowing equestrian sports, and sailing (forgetting the global and franchised nature of Americas Cup). When you start looking at the bigger picture, then WE will decide how objective and rational you are - you have no right to simply attach these labels to yourself.

And good on Helen Clark for giving a couple of nights to the festival. I think we all know that she is more interested in performing arts than sport, but as always, she encourages our best effforts.

You see Ian, believe it or not, when you play sport the other team wants to win as well? Did you realise that?

In the case of netball, Australia has again pulled ahead of NZ and this has been evident for at least the last year. I still wonder how we managed to shut down the two sisters in midcourt which is the most crucial part of the court to control.

Sour grapes is no substitute for good sportsmanship - something to show display in your approach to life. Which way round would Jesus Christ have had it? Is there any evidence that he promoted killer attitudes. No, sport is an entertainment to be enjoyed, and if you can't tolerate the risk of losing a game, then team sport is not for you.


Peter , Helen Clark is a filthy role model for children of New Zealand . She has been proven to be a compulsive liar , a pathological cheat and a fraudulent fob off expert . She is a great role model for the overwhelming prison population and you Peter are a certified crack pot .

How anybody in their sane mind could say that Helen Clark has an ounce of decency in her corrupt and vile body is beyond my comprehension !!

She is a disgusting person who should be in a cell .


Is it a coincidence that I felt compelled to pray earlier for a loss by 4 in the closing stage of the match. I am sure others did too. Gos will not be mocked.

Shane Ponting

Don't you just hate it when the pinky slips?

Anyways, I reckon the key to more killer instinct is more gun ownership. If you are confident picking off trespassers whilst you stand on your front porch then playing another team in sport won't faze your mental confidence.

Too far you think? ;) :D

David Baigent

I agree absolutely.
Kiddie Sport has become Kiwi Sport and in my opinion we are faced with a generational penalty of well meaning people,(teachers and politicians) producing failure in competitive endeavour.
The unreal world of PC and social manipulation cannot face up to the REAL world that we must live in.

In fact NZ is a fine training ground for loooosers!

Another reason to go Expat!


Go right ahead David Baigent. The Expat life is for you.

The primary role of sport is in the area of fun and fitness, for a healthy nation.

Killers can go elsewhere. Having said that, the NZ netballers played hearts out last night and achieved a better result than many feared.

And they are praised for their sportsmanship in the Herald on Sunday.

Actually, with the rugby our players are not getting the big rap over the knuckles. But our coaches and the NZ Rugby Union did screw up. Not to mention the ref.

Let the sportsmen get on with it, and ignore MORALE killers like David Baigent and of course Ian Wishart!

Adolf Fiinkensein

Look to a 'vote National' campaign from the NZFRU. There is no way the AB'z could hope to even make the semis if Clark is in the chair.


PETER....How come your Gummints socialisation of sport accenting inclusiveness has led to an obesity epidemic. Kids need role models amongst their peers as well as their elders. Ian is right and the result of the Social Engineering was foreseeable yet embraced by the Socialists...Much of the spirited comeback was due to our South African Star. Lets hope she has a few more years in her yet.

David Baigent

Peter, I stated a personal view that I believe is correct.
I am retired and free to go but have many treasured memories that keep me in NZ.

But my children are gone (except for one daughter).

Now count all the children who have gone along with mine and reconsider your comment history.
If you dare.


David Baigent

With all your trash about PC, kiddie sport, and social manipulation ..

I would be putting plenty of distance between us if you were my Dad!

You are a morale killer living in the past. I love my country.


Peter - you have the stench of a maggot infested sewer rat !!


Daddy 4

You, like most Christian fundamentalists lost your edge many years ago


Hey - don't lose hope! See this:


Thanks Rob K and Ian .. he is right. This guy with his texting really has the killer instinct.

This should be an Olympic event. Far more involved than with netball!!!



Perhaps we could have the Ministry of Social Development producer a paper that shows that while New Zealand sports teams may not win as often but they are happier.


I am amazed that extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists can be bothered with sport at all. With Church, Bible study, micro-control of the young stealing so much time - who would be worried about a game of sport? Would God really care you guys?

And yes bobrien. If the sportsmen are happier in their chosen sport, all power to them. Because as I said sport is entertainment, sport is fun, sport is good for you. In another year or two the results of today will be ancient history. The people involved will still be real people however.

Oh and dont forget our other great sports like mens' softball.

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