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The Queen missed a huge opportunity to slam dunk Helen Clark internationally.

I can just imagine her stopping mid sentence, looking royally down at Clark, pausing again till people start to look at what she is fuming at, then once Helen the Rude looks up, the Queen says,

"Who is on the line Prime Minister? Please do come up here and tell us all about your delightful correspondents that are so much more important than your Queen."


This would indicate that Helen only attends important events to be seen, not to participate.

She only thought she could get away with doing this because not everyone in the audience was doing it at the same time.

The Daily Express saw Helen Clark's texting and the low turn-out of Commonwealth leaders at a banquet for Prince Charles as part of a "rising tide of republicanism".

Or this is simply the rising tide of disrespect for all things beyond their sphere of self-interest?

Secular leaders are not trying very hard to be moral, ethical and respectful leaders.

Perhaps Mallard should punch out Helen Clark on her return to defend the Queen's honour?


Oh Rickkk

Do you really have to use the Ian cliche "slam dunk". Don't forget to read other stuff as well.

And "lying like a flatfish" is one of your favourites Ian - Ohhhhhh

Did Helen Clark have her phone ring on SILENT?

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Andrew Davies

Rumour has it she was texting Shane Warne.

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