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Oh I see Andrei.

You prefer NON renewable energy sources do you.

Bring the world ultimately to a crunching halt.

But oh the bliss when all Christians bask in the "Rapture". Start swotting your Revelation everyone. Try to do so when you are high, it seems even rosier and more real then.


Listening to Open Country this morning a meeting of Grape Growers were discussing the impact Global Warming would have on the type of grapes they would have to grow. A scientist also a vineyard owner re-assured them he had been taking the temperature daily for the last 20 years and there were no marked differences except that the cold temperatures this spring would delay the harvest.....Where do you live Peter (Brisbane) if you have got global warming up there I just might want to shift there.


Would you buy carbon credits from Al Goreś company?


Yeah and what they're not telling you.

This is also skewing the data.

Many US temperature gauges are near air-conditioning exhausts, hot asphalt and other heat sources. Their readings are thus too high and must be revised downward - along with claims about rising temperatures.


"Would you buy carbon credits from Al Goreś company?"

Yeah and if Al Gore practiced what he preached as mentioned on this site.


Cowardly Al Gore won't debate Global warming.

If Al Gore cares so much about global warming, why does he fly all over the world giving 75-minute presentations at $100k a pop?


meanwhile in NZ, the forest owners have to battle against the thieving government who want to steal 'carbon credits' from them, then pay 'carbon debits' (to the government) when the forests are harvested.


Peter, your Christian phobia is Hilarious

Keep it up!

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