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Secular mankind have become worshipers of Moloch; the church is one of the few bastions against the total industrialization of every aspect of life, such as reducing sex to a product for mass consumption, and outsourcing motherhood. We need some modern-day William Wilberforces to stand against the systemic evil being perpetrated on the powerless.


I don't see what education of primary (or maybe intermediate) school children has to do with it.

Without the knowledge, much worse would happen.

Danyl Mclauchlan

Secular mankind have become worshipers of Moloch

Moloch! Moloch! Robot apartments! invisible suburbs!
skeleton treasuries! blind capitals! demonic
industries! spectral nations! invincible mad
houses! granite cocks! monstrous bombs!
They broke their backs lifting Moloch to Heaven! Pave-
ments, trees, radios, tons! lifting the city to
Heaven which exists and is everywhere about


I agree, Andrei. The right to life for all human beings should be respected even for the tiniest of us. That it is not makes a mockery of all human rights and shows just why governments, such as NZ's, feel no shame with trampling all over them with bills such as the EFB.


Thanks for the literary response Danyl. It took a while to find your quote.



Your medication is not working. Please see your doctor as soon as possible.


The article by McLeod looks evenhanded at first glance, but I take issue with some things:

“Nobody anticipated a steady rise in abortion figures, or that abortion would become a backstop contraceptive measure for some women.”

I doubt the pro-lifers of the day would have overlooked this possibility.

“…and one in four pregnancies of women of all ages currently ends that way [aborted]. But to put that in perspective, a 1936 investigation in this country guessed that one in five New Zealand pregnancies ended in abortion then at a time when abortion was legal only to save the mother's life.”

This figure (one in five) could not possibly be true, unless 1936 was a huge aberration…

The article refers to 1976 as having 4682 abortions [2] there were approx 55,000 live births in 1976, [1] giving an abortion rate of 8.5% at a time when abortions were legal.

Are we expected to believe the abortion rate in 1936 (guessed at 20%) actually dropped to 8.5% when abortion became legal, then increased to 25% today? They’re joking!

Far more likely the 1936 guess is a crock, dreamed up to make the introduction of ‘legal’ abortions more acceptable to the gullible.


[2] McLeod: “In the past 30 years, the number of abortions performed annually has soared from 4682 in 1976 to 17,934 last year. Taking ever greater ease of access to contraception into account, it's a baffling result.”

It would only ‘baffle’ someone determined to promote the associated sleazy loss of values in sexuality and family life. It’s no mystery to me – I would expect it.


The sad thing is that we place little value on children and parenting and that is the real reason that more than 17,000 New Zealanders are slaughtered each year before they are even born.

How do you reach the conclusions of:

"...we place little value on children and parenting..."






How do you see it?

Psycho Milt

It may be deeply, deeply uncool to say so, but I'd want to see the abortion figures broken down for ethnicity before drawing any conclusions.



What would you expect to find with ethnicity? What about poverty?


Busy guys again,23599,22928838-2,00.html?from=mostpop



The Exclusive Bretheren again, this time on a topic about abortion.

I suppose it could be considered relevant, as the EB's are opposing these sleaze shops, which could promote promiscuity, which does lead to higher abortion rates.

Well done Peter - pointing a valiant but probably doomed effort by the EB's to reduce the abortion rates in Australia.


Pious Christians have need of abortion services at times. What would be worse, having an abortion or the embarrassment of a single teenaged pregnant daughter?


More piffle from Liarbore party hack who are an abortion in the latest polls . Abortion is murder peter ,silly boy !!


The abortion. Absolutely.

Sam Finnemore

"Thanks for the literary response Danyl. It took a while to find your quote."

Some get it...


Your medication is not working. Please see your doctor as soon as possible."

... and some don't.


Sam that was the weakest girlish comment I think I have ever read . I hope you get that , oh by the way nice to see the Liarbore communists getting a slaying in the polls . Just think when they are rolled and justice is served you could be sharing a cell with dear leader ? Some girls do and some don't . What a wimpster Sam Sillymore .

Ryan Sproull

lol dad4justice your right Sams comment was weak and girlish . man those Labratbore communists deserve they're slaying for hating god I do think!!!! sam pinafore is a girl all right wimpster.


Ryan ; the Holy spirit is going to put the right people in government and the secular fools will be lost for words . The revival starts downunder , sit back for the righteous ride that will shock many into faith .

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