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Thank God for a man of faith who can speak against the evil of scientific dogma usurping wisdom.


Too true KevOB. The new priesthood of secular mankind is a bunch of self-serving narrow-minded populist academics wearing lab coats and calling themselves "unbiased scientists". How coincidental that their sermons of doom undermine concepts such as free association, free speech, and freedom of religion. Also unaccountable transnational entities, corporations and banks seem to gain quite a lot from the total commercialisation of every aspect of life, such as reducing sex to a product for mass consumption, and outsourcing motherhood. We need some modern-day William Wilberforces to stand against the systemic evil being perpetrated on the powerless.


Yes peasant - I agree...
We need some modern-day William Wilberforces to stand against the systemic evil being perpetrated on the powerless.

Posted by: peasant | December 13, 2007 at 06:02 PM

Pope's one-year offer: heaven with no stop-off in purgatory.

For Catholics it could be an offer too good to refuse. Pope Benedict is
offering relief from purgatory to those who travel to Lourdes over the
next year, the Vatican said yesterday.
Pilgrims to the shrine in southwest France will receive "plenary
indulgences" from the Pontiff, which the church says reduce the time
spent being "washed" of sin after death. The indulgences will be
available from this week end until December 8, 2008.

The church teaches that people who do not go directly to heaven must spend
time in purgatory, where they can be purified of residual sin.
It is the latest initiative to get more pilgrims to the shrine, famous for
the reported healing properties of its water.

In August the Vatican opened an air-line service offering flights from
Rome to Lourdes. For those who cannot make the journey to France, the
Pope will also grant indulgences to Catholics who pray at places of
worship dedicated to the Madonna of Lourdes from February 2 to February
11. Indulgences may also be granted under special circumstances to people
too sick to visit the shrine, the Vatican said.

The offer comes as the shrine prepares to commenorate the 150th
anniversary of when the Madonna was said to have appeared to a peasant
girl in 1858.

Telegraph Group Ltd


Now if we had only known this before my mother died in June, or my Aunty the Little Sister of the Poor - 2 weeks ago, we could have rushed them off there, just to cover our bases.

I wonder if there would be
available a proxy, where someone could pay to go in their place, or would that possibly be covered by Mary
going to purgatory one Saturday a month to release a soul, of those who wear the brown spatchula (sp) upon death.
Then again, if this is still
available, then one wouldn't need to go to Lourdes beforehand.


Paula, a person can get a Plenary Indulgence every day. The hardest part for most people is the requirement that "... all attachment to sin, even venial sin, be absent. If the latter disposition is in any way less than perfect or if the prescribed three conditions are not fulfilled, the indulgence will be partial only..."

A Plenary Indulgence can be also gained at the moment of death, so I wouldn't worry about your Aunty or your Mother - they were most likely capable of gaining one.


Yes Paula, the Pope is Catholic. I happen to admire the guy and can't fault old Ratzy's "central theme -- the sanctity of the family and how this institution is central to the welfare of humanity". I hope his message makes a difference to our lost generation.


Does the spirit of Tetzell still ride?


Paula says:

"Pope's one-year offer: heaven with no stop-off in purgatory."

Really, I simply CAN'T believe the gullibility of anyone who would buy into this pre-Xmas offer.

Actually I can't believe the naivety of the Vatican either. It was this sort of nonsense that created a foundation for Protestantism in the first place.

Can you get this on layby? Or two years interest free? What about a charter flight/tourist resort option to Lourdes - how much a shared room? Is there a programme for kids and spouses?

Face the brutal facts. This is Fantasyland. Superstition. Mind the black cat!


This must be Frosty Friday. I doubt I would agree with Peter on any other day.


These anti-Catholic comments strike me as a silly, nit-picking form of Phariseeism. The message Andrei wrote about was vitally important for our time. But you idiots are arguing about the finer points of a non-core doctrine!?!!?


Someone find Ratzy a retirement home - the fantasies of this octagenerian beggar all belief.

I don't know why he is so homophobic when so many within his organisation structure are themselves gay. By the way, does anyone know the orientation of Ratzy?

I think Ratzy may have been watching too many informercials that go like this ..

"But wait, there's more" - not only a full Lourdes healing but champagne breakfast at your luxury hotel"

Another option would be to go to Mecca.


In nomine Patri only saves you from a vicious rebuttal to your viper like swipe at the Catholics .


When your comments actually address the substance of the Pope's message, they might be worth reading, Until then, you're no better than a drive-by spam merchant.


OK, there's a lot that the papists can be criticised for, but fa Pete's sake, when the Pope says something RIGHT can't the usual suspects just concur and save their ammunition for the common enemy?


I appreciate Benedict's message but the digression into the doctrines relating to indulgences is not helpful. That battle goes back to Luther. There is however much that many of us hold in common with those of the Catholic faith; much more than divides us. The present Pope comes across as one who knows God and is known by Him; a serious man of faith whose word is to be regarded very highly by all the world.


Does it not concern anybody, except Peter, that
Jesus died for our sins, and said it was finished,
and when we confess our sins HE is faithful to forgive us?

Is anybody not concerned
that tele-evangelists sell the same indulgences on TV and deceive many into thinking they have to do this, or buy that to get to heaven.

Why is the Catholic church and tele-evangelists doing a money grab, when Christ
paid the price for whosoever would come to Him.

It your choice, remember you were warned, and the Bible is FULL of warnings of the very same thing, for those who would read it.

I have raised the issue,
I am not going to buy my way anywhere, how could I slap Christ in the face, when He paid such a horrific price to wash us in His blood. (no jokes Peter)


Let me just add one more thing.

I believe everything that can be shaken will be shaken
next year, the biggest being mammon, and those who have made mammon their god.

All of US, who do not have Christ as their foundation
ROCK, will find it hard to stand on anything else that is not built on that foundation....all that has been added, will be purged.
Some will let go and really
pledge their allegience to Christ, and others will cling to what they have their hope in...or have
put in place of Him.



I found one of many "original" articles that say the same thing:

Thanks for the very honest words Paula.

Peasant - I see nothing of substance in this story at all. But if you like get yourself a ticket. Would you like french fries with that?


peter == spambot

John Boy

Well Peter, a sensible comment about doctrine which George agrees with rapidly descends into more crap about poofdom. Why do you do that? We don't care that you're a fag or bi or whatever combination of sauce comes with the dish. Really, we don't.

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