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stan - God will direct me , not you scumbag !!!


fugley - what a nasty creep

Acid Comments

"Evangelical pastors are helping to create a terrible new campaign of violence against young Nigerians. Children and babies branded as evil are being abused, abandoned and even murdered while the preachers make money out of the fear of their parents and their communities"


Alot of the socalled 'evangelical pastors' in Nigeria are fakes. Knowing a number of people working and living in Nigeria.

Just about anyone can claim to be a 'Christian' pickup a Bible and have an instant following over there.

Remember all the Nigerian Scamsters.

While in the Muslim Nigerian community. A number of Children are sold into slavely. Often severely sexually abused and if they don't perform their tasks. They can end up having a finger or two chopped off. Being beaten to a pulp or burnt.


If what you say is true Acid Comments, then I think we should all mark down the kind of claims being made about the growth of Christianity in Africa. How sinister.

And Daddy 4 quotes his 14-year old daughter:

"Dad why does this thing called peter write such negative stuff about God."

Why don't you remind her that God is a concept of belief or faith - not a substantiated reality.

She need not make her mind up about these things at that age.


stan - God will direct me , not you scumbag !!!

you just said you wouldn't talk to me again, retard


Acid Comments

"If what you say is true Acid Comments, then I think we should all mark down the kind of claims being made about the growth of Christianity in Africa. How sinister"


There's a huge following of 'genuine' true Christianity in Africa and Nigeria. From Evangelicals, etc and none of those appalling things are happening.

The worst abuse in Nigeria often is done at the hands of the "Witchdoctors and Shamans" Some of them claim to be 'Christian' as they're pissed off at losing their power base.

The true Christians I know in Nigeria and Africa in general are often the only one's putting in Water wells, supplying food and helping with starting up cottage industries, etc.


Acid, did you read the article? these acts ARE being done by your evangelicals.

Why not simply accept that your god is impotent to do anything about these abusers?

Acid Comments

"Acid, did you read the article? these acts ARE being done by your evangelicals.'

Fugley. I know for a fact those kind of things are not being done by my Evangelicals or any of the Missionaries, etc I know in Africa Period!


Well, that's OK then. None of the preachers you know. Shame about the olthers, and your god who is powerless to help the innocent.

Adolf Fiinkensein

More people attended the NZ Kill The Bill marches than attended these marches throughout Europe, yet the media boomed them up, talking about 'many thousands' of marchers when in fact there were fewer than three thousand in London Paris and Brussels combined.

Acid Comments

Of interest.


It's the Sun Stupid:

When the international global warming alarm-ocracy gathers for its annual convention on the balmy island of Bali next week, is there any chance that the delegates will look up at the big yellow ball in the sky and ask, “Could it be the Sun, stupid?”

New research suggests that would be a great question for them to consider.

A recent study from the Journal of Geophysical Research (November 2007) reports that the sun may have contributed 50 percent or more of the global warming thought to have occurred since 1900.

Researchers from Duke University and the U.S. Army Research Office report that climate appears to be insensitive to solar variation if you accept the global temperature trend for the past 1,000 years as represented by the so-called “hockey stick” graph — which claims to show essentially unchanging temperatures between from 1000 to 1900 and then a sharp uptick from 1900 to the present. But the hockey stick-graph has been relegated to the ash heap of global warming history.,2933,313966,00.html


Thanks for the link, Acid, very interesting!

Acid Comments

Also of interest.

The start of next Solar Cycle 24 could be just around the corner. It's predicted to be possibly the biggest on record.

Dec. 14, 2007: The solar physics community is abuzz this week. No, there haven't been any great eruptions or solar storms. The source of the excitement is a modest knot of magnetism that popped over the sun's eastern limb on Dec. 11th, pictured below in a pair of images from the orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

Dec. 21, 2006: Evidence is mounting: the next solar cycle is going to be a big one.

Solar cycle 24, due to peak in 2010 or 2011 "looks like its going to be one of the most intense cycles since record-keeping began almost 400 years ago," says solar physicist David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center. He and colleague Robert Wilson presented this conclusion last week at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

Can the Sun save us from global warming?

Could the Sun's inactivity save us from global warming? David Whitehouse explains why solar disempower may be the key to combating climate change
Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Something is happening to our Sun. It has to do with sunspots, or rather the activity cycle their coming and going signifies. After a period of exceptionally high activity in the 20th century, our Sun has suddenly gone exceptionally quiet. Months have passed with no spots visible on its disc.

Seasons of the Sun

Modern Solar Minimum


Modern Climate Optimum

(1890–2000) – the world is getting warmer. Concentrations of greenhouse gas increase. Solar activity increases.

Dalton Solar Minimum

(1790–1820) – global temperatures are lower than average.

Maunder Solar Minimum

(1645–1715) – coincident with the 'Little Ice Age'.

Spörer Solar Minimum

(1420-1530) – discovered by the analysis of radioactive carbon in tree rings that correlate with solar activity – colder weather. Greenland settlements abandoned.

Wolf Solar Minimum

(1280–1340) – climate deterioration begins. Life gets harder in Greenland.

Medieval Solar Maximum

(1075–1240) – coincides with Medieval Warm Period. Vikings from Norway and Iceland found settlements in Greenland and North America.

Oort Solar Minimum

(1010-1050) – temperature on Earth is colder than average.

There seem to have been 18 sunspot minima periods in the last 8,000 years; studies indicate that the Sun currently spends up to a quarter of its time in these minima.

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