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This "cricketer" is an out and out cheat.

He doesn't bowl; he throws!

And when one umpire is brave enough to enforce the rules the umpire is pilloried as a "racist".

This is a blight on the game.


fugs, yes he's controversial but Murali had to be something pretty special to achieve his dizzying feats.


Special? By cheating?

The only thing special about the chucker was the way he used the race card to gain sympathy whenever his cheating was called to account.


Tall poppy syndrome displayed by you there Fugley

Murali is a great sportsman and competitor and is recognized by just about everybody as such.


He is recognised as a cheat and a racist by anyone who values the rules of cricket. No tall poppy syndrome, just simple truth.


Shane Waren, Anil Kumble, even Richard Hadley, were all worthy holders of the record in past times. All were honourable men who played within the laws, or accepted being pulled up when they overstepped the mark.

The Chucker is simply a petulant little cheat who gets his own way by squawking "racist" at any one who dares question his action.

Adolf Fiinkensein

fugly, for onece I agree with you. These little wogs are the most prolific ball tamperers, cheats, chuckers, match throwers, bullshit artists to ever infest a decent cricket oval.

WOG = westernised oriental gentleman.

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