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I'll look out for it.

Hey answer me one question - you guys seem pretty down to earth and obviously even seem to have a sense of humour so why oh why do you get into this Divinity code BS - isn't that the type of irrationality we are meant to be uniting to fight?

Shane Ponting

Kevin, it's the Divinity Code not the Da Vinci Code. There's a big difference..... (ie a definite lack of BS in the former).


I know its not the Da Vinci Code. I heard some ad on the radio that its about scientific proof of some supernatural power. Sounds like BS to me. I can't find a link to find out what its really about.



If you were the only prospective buyer of Ian's new book, he'd have surely wasted his time writing it. :-)

I have a copy and found it a very worthwhile read, even though I don't share Ian's views on some interpretations of the evidence. (I'm not convinced of the 'big bang' 15 bya, for example) But all the arguments seem well supported and for me, thought provoking.

Lots of people will rubbish it without touching it. Ah well, there are lots of books I would not pick up either...

I'm picking it will be another great seller, and I think that's extremely helpful for the whole discussion on the subject. Some real balance for the daydreams of the evolutionary propaganda that washes over us all like a demented theme song to a very bad film.


So its some sort of intelligent design book that accepts the big bang as a starting point? I would hardly elevate that to the status of a "subject". As you say you have to pick and choose your reading material because there's only so many hours in the day - I cam here hoping to read the back jacket summary so that I could avoid wasting my time reading it if its another unnecessary anti-evolution book. Most sensible Christians seem perfectly happy to accept evolution but keep their faith.



I think the back cover is here:

When you say: "Most sensible Christians seem perfectly happy to accept evolution but keep their faith."

That would have to be a winner, because if any Christian says they don't believe in evolution, you will say "They're not sensible Christians".

I myself don't believe that my great great great ... great grandfather was a fish, that life created itself by spontaneous generation and I do believe God created everything. But I am still sensible. Hell, yes!


1st prize - 1 DVD of Knocked UP

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Sorry robk, this isnt like climate change. the science really is settled. No matter how much or what you believe is going to change the facts. Now you can spend your life examining the lint in your navel for all I care but if you guys are aligning yourselves with the intelligent designers I feel you are no different than any other witch doctors and luddites and I consider you to have more in common with the far left greens than those who genuinely want to solve this country's problems.


Don't be sorry, Kevin...

"Sorry robk, this isnt like climate change. the science really is settled"

That's why "The Divinity Code" is so interesting... You can believe the science is "settled" if you like, but you are just as much a believer as the "witch doctors and luddites". :-)

It's amazing how educated people can believe science has 'proven' how life spontaneously generated itself when the only provable science so far has shown the exact opposite!

You can wave the magic wand of 'billions of years', and call it 'abiogenesis', but Spontaneous generation by any other name is still junk 'science'.

"A monkey in silk is a monkey, no less".

On the other hand educashun is not what it used to be.

" can spend your life examining the lint in your navel..."

Now why does lint collect in one's navel? (Assuming an 'innie' not an 'outie'). There is a worthy project for science to 'settle'. There is far more liklihood science will solve this mystery than origin of life questions.

Swallow your pride, Kevin, and read the book with an open mind (in secret). It should be in the library, no financial risk...



Ryan Sproull

Andreas Michaelides

Jim Kloeg

David McNickle

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Stay tuned for the next round of giveaways

Ryan Sproull

WHOOOOOOOO! It's Apatowalicious!

Merry Christmas, Ian!

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