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Danyl Mclauchlan

What is beyond dispute though, is that as Europe has become more secularised the fertility rate of Europeans has declined. How the two phenomena are correlated might be a matter for discussion.

Meanwhile back on Earth white middle class France is currently enjoying a post-war scale baby boom.

How the views of Church leaders are often totally disconnected with reality might also be a matter for discussion.


Meanwhile back on Earth white middle class France is currently enjoying a post-war scale baby boom.

May I draw your attention to this paragraph from the post

Today the country with the highest fertility in Europe is France which to date is the only Nation to have fully acknowledged the issue and put policies in place in an attempt to address it. Even so they have not yet achieved population replacement fertility levels and currently fertility there is estimated to be 1.86 children per woman

As for the matter of Church leaders being disconnected from reality - that might depend upon your conception of reality.

You yourself might be disconnected from the ultimate reality, one which they have an insight into and that you, thus far, remain oblivious of.


Hilaire Belloc said that men are preoccupied with recent history, 'one might say they are blinded by it'. One thing about the Church, its 2000 years old and covers the world and it is only weak when it is 'blinded by recent history' and cultural matters of 'importance' at the moment.

The Pope & Patriarch Alexy are merely stating the obvious - and they do so because, in the final analysis, they care about people. But with our short-term memory and our inattention to trends many simply can't see it.


Clearly, the comments on white populations not replacing themselves is correct and has been for decades. The other thing that will destroy it is the rampant disease created by promiscuity and the slaughter of human children in the womb. It is typical of vacuous, immature academics, encouraged by the 'hedonistic secularists' who teach them, to publish an article which ignores all other psychological and physical factors. Human relationships never progress according to 'negotiations' or someone would have found the 'recipe' for perfection and resolved all human problems. No-one who 'cares' about themself deliberately avoids meaningful human relationships in the areas they engage in. No-one who 'cares' about others inflicts that on them either. To remove meaningful emotional relationships from human sexuality is to reduce people to the status of inanimate sex toys. Disease is spread by promiscuity and increasing, some of it lethal; all of it disabling. No-one with any sense can believe that to slaughter your own young in the womb as a lifestyle choice is positive, healthy, and good for the individuals or society, let alone what was shown in recent research on foetal alcohol syndrome. Contrary to what the 'researchers' think, I have always called men who behave in this way 'male sluts' and do not consider it acceptable. That is the true nature of the equality that should pertain. Their 'executive' needs to face the fact that she is what she is, determined by her own behaviour and lack of humanity not a problem with social/gender perspective. The really worrying thing is the simple lack of rational sense applied to the whole area of sexuality and its implications for society.


Patriarch Alexy II is a career beliver, looking to commit further generations in order to earn his living. It is not surprising to hear that Pope Benny (or Ratsy) is saying the same thing. Vested interests here.


Lindsay Mitchell asks:
Does this mean they want parents and teachers to tell children casual sex is OK? How can they do that when feelings about sex are so personal?

If people want to have casual sex that's their business. Hopefully they can find a willing partner and it doesn't get messy emotionally. But I won't be imparting this set of 'new ethics' to my kids. I will be imparting what I have learnt through my own experience and hoping I can help them avoid some pitfalls and pain.

It seems to me these ladies are denying the human condition.

Most social engineering has its basis in the towers of academia, spreads through their enthusiastic, eager to learn charges, infects our lower educational institutions and is hence imposed on the masses by stealth.

These over-educated sluts will wake up sad and alone in 20 years. The sexual revolution has only encouraged male irresponsibility and exploitation of women,

Romance, Marriage and family are good things built into the female psyche, but militant feminists are filled with so much selfishness and rage against men and families that they don't care about the human tragedy wrought by their hateful ideology.

ZenTiger asks:
I suppose they'll also be calling for a new form of sexual consequences too? Maybe their research hasn't progressed that far yet?

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