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Ryan Sproull

Did you know Lions and tigers can have offspring? And donkeys and zebras? Whales and Dolphins? Yet they are all different 'species'.

Their offspring can't breed, though.

There's some good documentation about the definition of "species" here:

It also has observed examples of speciation, not just "speculation", as you call it.


God can speak directly to whom He pleases however He pleases. he is active even prophetically. There are many out there rightfully discerning His Word and His Voice. I have seen Mormon Missionaries spoken to by God about their error, abandoning Joseph Smith For Jesus Christ and acknowledging Him as the Son of God and Lord.

On a more mundane level praying for car park helps too. If unbelievers knew the practical blessings of the faithful they would want there share too.



"Their offspring can't breed, though."

Evidently sometimes they can, eg the mule has been known to reproduce.

"It also has observed examples of speciation, not just "speculation", as you call it."

I was arguing for speciation, not against it. My point is that God created a limited number of beetles, etc. and they diversified by 'speciation' since then - giving the 250,000 (?) species of beetle known today.

If you have skeletons of two animals, and a third skeleton that looks like an intermediate between the two, it is speculation to say the third is actually an intermediate or that one descended from the other.

Therefore it is speculation to propose the dog and bear evolved from a common ancestor, without empirical, repeatable evidence such as the ability to generate offspring, as you can with donkeys and zebras, etc.



Yes, God has even 'spoken' to me through the scriptures...

Another example: My mum died in of Altzheimers, and I lay in bed asking God what to say at her funeral. I was reminded of the verse: "Never again will they hunger... thirst... and God will wipe away their tears" I knew this was God speaking, so I looked it up and found Rev. 7:15.

A couple of days later on the morning of the funeral (Feb 9th) I was encouraged to find my wife's reading from 'Daily Light' included Rev 7:15!

I don't read the Daily Light myself, and neither of us had read ahead. Long odds if you believe it was just co-incidence!

God uses many ways to communicate with all of us who are His own, and often enough unbelievers as well.

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