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haha I've been flagged as spam!

having real trouble posting today.

Ryan Sproull

"Hi, I'm Ben Stein. I'm normal. I don't care what you think. After all, I'm not (nazis) Hitler or anything! If you go suggesting that a big invisible man created life on earth, you'll get blocked by (nazis) scientists. Darwinism could be (nazis) dangerous! Anyway, I'm that guy from Ferris Bueller, remember?"

He's certainly wrong about one thing. The same kind of censorship does occur in other fields. That's why you don't see Scientiology published in psychiatry journals or taught at schools, why you don't see socialist economics being taught at schools, or home economics classes teaching that meat is murder.

Things would sure be a bit more interesting if they were, though.


I agree Ian, it may well be an interesting little movie, but it won't be at all informative about anything scientific.

Iamgine, an acto who knows what scientists don't!

Here is a much more interesting link

Ryan Sproull

Well, the actor is interviewing scientists, rather than claiming to personally know better than all scientists. And he seems to be more interested in the absence of debate, rather than how wrong one "side" is.

I do know that some of the people interviewed for the film were told their interviews were for an entirely different film.

However, unless the editing itself is particularly deceptive (ie., filming the asking of one question and following it with the answer of a different quesiton; taking clips out of context), that doesn't seem like too big a deal to me.


Anyone left to fight the battle ? Yeah I am here and fugley and co are defending Darwinism !!! Typical snakes .


Once again, a viper crawls out from the bush and hisses "Please don't tell me the truth, I am happy in my ignorance".

Not sure what you think "Darwinism" is, but the matter that evolution trumps creationism is long since settled. Just the troglodytes and pig ignorant cling to creationism.


fugley , are you a plastic dinosaur dug up by a Darwinism scientist on bettle juice ?


There are no plastic dinosaurs, unless they come in the oatmeal you are served in the Rest Home.

What is a "darwinian Scientist"? And why does Evolution scare you so?

What is bettle juice?

I suggest you up your meds petey, the stress of the season is obviously getting to you.


fugley ; Why name him Jesus? The name was a sign that God would save his people ( Matt 1:21).It's Old Testament form was Yeshua OR Joshua, meaning, Yahweh is salvation.

What holidays do non -believers celebrate fudge cake ?

John Boy

Come on D4J, stop the ranting. You sound like the labour party MP's that you hate so much.

If the unsuspecting guests were told the truth about what they were appearing in would they have said something different?


Ranting John Boy , think not !! Do politicians know what a Bible is ? No . Fact . Get ready for shake , rattle , roll, melt, burn show time !!

Ryan Sproull

British Muslims say: Put Christ back in Christmas

"Sikh spokesman Indarjit Singh said: "Every year I am asked 'Do I object to the celebration of Christmas?' It's an absurd question. As ever, my family and I will send out our Christmas cards to our Christian friends and others.""


Daddy 4 asks:

"What holidays do non -believers celebrate fudge cake ?"

We celebrate the ancient Northern Hemisphere winter solstice festival that Christians renamed "Christmas".

We celebrate the the Saxon Eostre that Christians relabelled Easter.

We celebrate the above with ancient symbols like "Easter eggs", "Easter bunnies", holly, ivy, mistletoe, St Nicholas, Xmas trees and Xmas crackers!

Do you want me to go on? Well we celebrate Queen's Birthday and Labour Day.

Oh and ANZAC Day, where we recognise those that fought the fascists to preserve our right for freedom of thought.

Question - which of the above do Exclusive Brethrens celebrate? I'd be interested in their view of ANZAC Day. On the one hand they will not join armed forces, but on the other, they released pamphlets at the 2005 General Election lamenting an "apparent" reduction in defence spending by the Labour led government.

As for Don Brash - well his dad was a liberal Presbyterian minister.


piffle peter , why should I waste my time answering your nutbar questions .


piffle daddy,

Peter didn't ask questions, he answered yours

Nutbar, thy name is Peter Burns.



Exclusive Bretheren get a mention from peter, again totally off the topic.

P.S. Brethren is already plural - they use the (appropriately) archaic old English version of brothers.


Bold off

Ryan Sproull

And Sistren!



You are of course wrong to say:

"Exclusive Bretheren [SIC] get a mention from peter, again totally off the topic"

I was making a very valid point. Agnostics and atheists observe "holy" days that some Christian sects religiously ignore.

I could have possibly used Jehovahs Witnesses as an alternative Christian sect that does not "celebrate" Xmas - face it, they (like the Brethrens) don't celebrate, period!

Ho Ho Ho !!!!



Thanks for the pointer to my spellingg of Brethren.

Damn, I often get that wrong! :-)

"I could have possibly used Jehovahs Witnesses as an alternative Christian sect"

Well why didn't you? I suspect you are desperately clinging to the hope that if people aren't allowed to forget the legal advertising the Exclusives Bretherenses's did, they will overlook all the illegal advertising Helen Clark and co spread around.

Am I right? ;-)

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