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Surprised you are advocating it Andrei. From Wikipedia:
"Common Era notation has been adopted by many non-Christians, and also by some Christians wanting to be sensitive to non-Christians. The use of BCE and CE has been criticized by some who favor the BC/AD system as being "the result of secularization" and "political correctness"."

Are you Psycho Milt in disguise?! ;-)


Surprised you are advocating it Andrei

What makes you think I am advocating the use of CE/BCE over AD/BC Sean?

I guess your internet browser doesn't recognize the "sarcastic tone" tag

Paul Litterick

Sean, you missed a bit. That quotation from Wikipedia begins "Originating among Christians at least as early as 1617 (at first in Latin), Common Era notation has been adopted by many non-Christians..."

It's 17th Century political correctness gone mad, that's what it is.

If you are going to quote, quote fully. The Wikipedia article is here


Andrei - fair call. Your paragraph was of a factual nature though my browser sarcasm tag did miss the "This system has now become a relic from our unsophisticated past. Amongst the enlightened..." bit.

Paul - I haven't listed Andrei's quote in it's entirety because no point in including the irrelevant bits. I have however included a "..." so it is more clear the quote includes more text. Sorry.

Greg Bourke

For information purposes CE is obviously redundant serving only to erase Christian anachronisms.

I read Andrei as pointing to the possibility that once you gleefully separate yourself from one cultural heritage, Christianity in this case, you must actively fill the vacuum.

Indifferent consumerism will probably not suffice and Islam will be happy to occupy the space formerly filled by Christianity.


Paul your 17th century PCism
was in fact written as vulgaris aerae or Vulgar Era which might seem apt to a dispassionate observer of this evenings festivities.

So are we about to usher in 2008 VE?

Sam Finnemore

Given that "vulgaris aerae" actually does translate to "common era", not "vulgar era", I think CE will do just fine instead.


CE etc is pretty funny. The measurement is still calculated from the (approximate) birth of Jesus the Messiah of the Jews.

Inverse whitewashing! (Blackwashing??)

Happy new year! :-)


Above all, the BC and AD syndrome is an indication of how much power a religion can sew up.

Interesting to know that secular versions of these abbreviations were available as a byproduct of the Enlightenment.


Surprised you are advocating it Andrei.
Posted by: Sean | December 31, 2007 at 09:58 AM

He makes up for advocating it by including some token muslim bashing.

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