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The sale of turkey basters should be outlawed.


This guy is the biological father. He should pay up.

The mother that is biological - she should pay up too.

What about the baby's right to know genealogically where her ancestry is? It is supposed to be an imperative for adopted children once they reach a certain age! That needs to be protected for ALL donor situations I would suggest.

The rights are just the same as an adopted child's to know their ancestry. I don't think these rights are protected well at the moment and it is an area where I would like to see action.

Some MP will produce a Bill at some stage, and the sense of it will be realised then.

This posting may surprise some, but I don't think I am adhering to any particular policy of any particular party. Maybe that is why I like this idea!

Sam Finnemore

And the moral of the story is: don't ever, ever get involved in this kind of donation set-up without at least the advice of a lawyer who knows what they're doing.

It's sad that this guy wandered into the situation without knowing what he was in for.


All three should pay up. They entered into a contract. Delinquent dykes should be treated no different than delinquent dads. They can all get their hands out of the taxpayer's wallet.

The kid? Well that has enough hurdles to jump from day one.


Yes Sam, and the point I am making is that the donor should NOT assume he will be anonymous forever. I can see retrospective legislation as a likely outcome in a decade or so, once these kids get to an age where they are demanding to know their genealogy. And why treat them differently from adopted kids, because effectively that is what they are. So there!



There is no way that such legislation would ever come to pass. Not only would it be a massive breach of privacy for anonymous sperm donors, but it would also virtually guarantee that no Lesbian couple would ever find a donor.


It may not be such a big deal Jim.

In the old days, many a mother thought that when she adopted out a child she would hear no more. Retrospective legislation meant that these confidences have now been broken in many cases.

The sperm donor case is no different in principle.

And if a lesbian couple found it really difficult to find a donor - is that not as it should be?

Danyl Mclauchlan

Reading the article makes it clear that if someone donated sperm for a heterosexual couple to conceive without going through a licensed clinic they'd be just as financially liable as the guy in this report.

The big difference is that such a story wouldn't pique Andrei's seemingly endless and obsessive fascination with homosexuals and would thus pass without comment.

I'd love to know what kind of google alerts Andrei has to alert him to breaking gay and lesbian related stories the world over. I suspect they're not the sort of search phrases my employer would find acceptable.


Your last posting, early part, got me curious Danyl.

So here is a link with more information:

And the most telling extract is this:

"Since new legislation was brought in two years ago allowing donor-conceived adults to find out the identity of their donor when they reach 18, the number of men filling up sperm banks - and women donating eggs - has dropped dramatically."

So these 3 people tried to jack up arrangements without getting registered, thereby working around the need to reveal all when the child turned 18

Sometimes my guesswork is more useful than your initial reporting Andrei.

You need to look at the complete picture.


The plot thickens!

He will have to pay, and he knows why.

Ryan Sproull

And to perpetuate the species exactly one male and one female are required. Nothing else will do.

Amazing we survived biblical times. No, wait, one male and several females works also.


lesbian couples have had no difficulty finding sperm donors. Their homosexual male friends have known to oblige; hence my earlier reference to turkey basters. Look it up on the net.


You think I shouldn't have posted this Danyl?

Can you tell me what is a more important issue than how we raise the next generation?

If we don't do this or mess it up - what then is our legacy?



What do you think should happen in this situation?

A method exists and someone used it?

Exactly how many of these people do you want to throw into gaol?

Or is this just another case of hand-wringing. How awful and all that.

That is usually where these discussions begin and end.

John Boy

"..lesbian couples have had no difficulty finding sperm donors. Their homosexual male friends have known to oblige.."

Now that is the way forward in this matter. If user pays is the best way this seems perfect.


The reason why it is like this is because of the random assortment of genes to the zygote at fertilisation. This creates a unique set of genes leading to a unique individual and at the population level creates the variation in the population needed for evolution.

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