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The artist’s works can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in America where he now lives. In 2006, two other controversial works by Koh were withdrawn shortly before USA Today, an exhibition curated by Charles Saatchi, the advertising tycoon, at the Royal Academy.
One showed a Virgin Mary fitted with a phallus at a urinal while another comprised a drum kit spattered with the artist’s semen and blood.

hahaha, good grief, should the term “Gay” become synonymous with “idiot”?

Then the news story throws in this bit at the end, to link up to the paedophilia angle.

In September, police were called after complaints about a picture of two young naked girls in an exhibition by the American photographer Nan Goldin. It was owned by Sir Elton John, who then withdrew the picture.

Nice touch. The gay man with two naked girls: Can he be a paedophile? Does that make it “ok”? hmmm, now there’s a question for a TV debate. Aah yes, “The Gays”: paragons of virtue, understanding and light. They will save us all if only we would let them. hahahahaha!

But good on you for digging this stuff up, Andrei. It’s always good for a laugh.

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