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Of course there is going to be a Conduct Disorder/Severe antisocial Behavior syndrome. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out - it's an effect of the anti-smacking Bill.

If you can't discipline children at home or at school they are not going to develop self-control; why should they? They know they can't be touched and can do what they like.

Another case of the Government trying to fix something but creating a whole new problem.

Repeal the anti-smacking law and bring back corporal punishment in schools and this problem (and many others) will go away.

Childcare Consultant

I would not let the govt or the 'govt trained' workers near this.

Their philosophy is the complete opposite to what I do.

If people like Ian Grant was available to teach ALL parenting classes
ping the benefit is required attending of these classes, BUT this govt
will not do that, as what Ian and myself teach is the OPPOSITE to what the
govt philosophy is. I can explain this more, if you want.

This is my absolute passion, and I have come against their philosophy
and that is why I have been against this govt for about 8 years.
I knew what our society would eventually become, with unruly
children in classes, lack of consideration for any authority, because
these kids were running their own lives, and no-one was going to tell them
what to do and when (like boundaries)

Childcare consultant

I am currently working with a family.

Four years ago when they first got me in. the problem was
a 6 yr old and a 3 yr old, their behaviour was SO bad, they could not be
in the same house on the weekend.

The older boys whole goal in life was to taunt the younger with a passion.

The problem was the father believed in boundaries, BUT the mother
believed in letting the child make all the decisions, and choose
everything they wanted to do and when, no imput from her or anyone.
She believe he would grow out of it.
I was there for 3 months using every technique I knew that had always
worked before in every situation, but this boy had it in his heart
that he had the desire and power to torment his young brother.
Finally Kerre I smacked him, and he had a change of heart.

That was 4 years ago, now the parents have split up, and I am back there,
and the boys are just wonderful, which I have encouraged and developed,
after having set the foundations earlier.

The older boy had a root of jealousy that had taken root in his heart, and
it was not being rooted out, it had grown from what was a mustard seed to
a huge tree (as it were) if I had got there earlier maybe my 'other'
techniques would have worked, but tht smack was
what made the difference.

PS This is a wel-balanced very educated normal family, that had two
opposing philosophies on life. The mother did not know I had smacked the
boy, she just said...she knew he would eventually grow out of it.

Childcare Consultant

That is why I say, that for the child who has
absolute defiance in their hearts, are the ones who need that smack.

That is also why I was so against Sue Bradford for robbing the parents of that
final much needed tool....and these children would go onto become
bigger demons in society.


Agree with everything said so far. This government hasn't helped at all -- indeed we have seen one anti-family piece of legislation after another during their term.

However I believe there is also a deep spiritual problem. We need to get our spiritual foundation right I believe. It is not until families turn to Jesus Christ that we will see parents fulfilling their parental responsibilities. Then we will see children obeying their parents once again.

But it starts one life at a time as each person gives up their own self-reliance and begins walking with God.


Having seen Ian Grant over the years and read his recent book on communication, my observation is he understands people and more importantly, like Tony Robbins, he cares enough about us to make the progression of the human condition his lifelong passion. Adding to this a faithful humble focus on G-d takes his wisdom to a level otherwise unattainable.

Therefore, I would if I had kids, pay to send them to lessons such as Childcare Consultant refers to.

We all know however, that as soon as one mentions G-d or even invites a person known to be dedicated to Him, into a position of opportunity, then despite any evidence that can be laid that would establish beyond doubt the benefit, the media and a certain section of politicians would take the opportunity to stoke the deceptive message that it would be "indoctrination."

Proving beyond doubt the message in Pro 23:9 "Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words."

The tragedy is, in so doing they hurt the very people they profess to love.


Look this nanny state social engineering must stop .It has got way out of hand as the politicians have become so pc and culturally sensitive to the huge insidious problem that is inflicting our country, called child abuse .My daughters Ch Ch High School is that violent I am forced to home school her in her NCEA year ?Patched gang members in primary schools beating the shit out of all the other kids !! What can I do ? This country is mad , Klark's government have totally lost the plot .

The government is guilty of criminal negligence and child abuse !!


Well D4J there's certainly evidence of actus reus (guilty act), but is there mens rea (guilty mind)?

(The two are necessary concomitants for a crime.)

Is Clark's government really deliberate, or simply naive? Either way it's destructive, but...

I suspect personally that some of them know exactly what they're doing, but I have no evidence for it. I tend however to give them (except maybe for Cullen), the benefit of the doubt, based on my perhaps mistaken belief that the naivity of a socialist thinker is bottomless.


Reid these socialist slimeballs are working along the pinko feminist agenda .For example the sicko's allowing a militant homosexual activist ( Tim Barnett) to Chair the Committee hearing submissions on the Care of the Children bill was in the best interests of the child ?

Many Labour MP's should be in prison .Fact because this is an orchestrated plot, hell bent on creating fractured families so the unscrupulous can prey on the vulnerable and defenseless children .


I wonder what happens to those parents who elect to decline the state's offer of " intervention"?
I also wonder if this is just another planned step on the road to Children's Commissar Kiro's plan to have all children monitored by the state as they grow up.


Strange how they will play at the extreme fringes of both ends of criminal beginings and endings, but they won't sentence present day criminal acts to meaningful terms...or in some cases, dismiss them before trial.

It's a system afraid to face facts that punishment is necessary for "redemption" (if you like).

I heard yesterday on the radio from a supportive group that this ... "oh it isn't a punitive system, no, no..."

So they've added the word punitive to their list of words that are uttered only in a negative sense now. We mustn't punish. No individual responsiblity. No consequences of individual actions. Hurt other people. Move on with your life. The victim has responsiblity to pick up their pieces alone. The offender has the full resource of the justice system and government to help them.

I don't buy that these politicians are in any way naieve. No one naieve lasts in politics, and this crowd have a long history in legalised crime against the NZ people. From rightwing dabblings to leftwing dabblings - they've played every game imaginable.


We are needing constitutional change so MP"s and governments can be impeached. The hidden social agenda being played out by these liars, thieves and fraudsters needs to be controlled. When they come for our children they have come too far. They would justify their depraved lifestyles by wrecking right-behaved families. This cannot be in their oath of office. It's not just time for change but time for a rout.


The only solution that makes any sense when you think about it is to reduce governments responsibility to it's bare minimum. In other words, privatize or scrap every single government function except the police, courts and armed forces.


I see no harm in this multi task force implementing this bold new plan on the children of mongrel mob members and confine it to that group until such time as their theories prove justifiable.

Psycho Milt

I also wonder if this is just another planned step on the road to Children's Commissar Kiro's plan to have all children monitored by the state as they grow up.

The seemingly bottomless pit of paranoia so often displayed in the comments threads of this blog is certainly educational, if at the same time deeply horrifying.


PM - What are the feminazi's like Kiro and Klark doing about "deeply horrifying" out of control infanticide and child abuse statistics ?

PM - how many baby killer/ murderous mongrels are on bail in your town ?

Well done Liarbour .How can you defend the creeps with your deranged rhetoric .I can say this mitty -you are a disturbed person psycho .


Hi. FYI, not paranoia at all.

Grant S

"The seemingly bottomless pit of paranoia so often displayed in the comments threads of this blog is certainly educational, if at the same time deeply horrifying."

That kind of smug, pretentious comment is designed to try and intimidate anyone who dares to challenge the Marxist infused, liberal- progressive social codes held so dearly by mind inculcated leftist automatons...

..Milt does it, the discredited swine at The Standard do it, the executive branch of our current Government do it.


Thank you to Childcare Consultant and Grant. As an 80 y.o. Grandpops with a lovely family I confirm that you are both totally correct.

Psycho Milt

That kind of smug, pretentious comment is designed to try and intimidate anyone who dares to challenge the Marxist infused, liberal- progressive social codes held so dearly by mind inculcated leftist automatons...

Redbaiter, is that you?

I'm sorry you find the expression of a contrary opinion "intimidating" - if only I could manage more gentlemanly discourse like "smug," "pretentious," or "leftist automatons."

Grant: I'm familiar with the doc. Yes, Kiro's a born busybody. Having said that, how do you rate her chances are of remaining Children's Commissioner under a National-led govt?

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