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There is no doubt whatsoever that what we encourage does influence our society. Hardly rocket science.

You can teach kids to have sex at 5 and they'll play sex games. But children will play "sex games" of their own accord also. The obvious difference is one is artificially intiated by us, the adults, to suit a prefered schooling/political timeline, the other is a natural developmental stage.


ridiculous. kids are having a good time, bloody nanny state policing their recreational activities

Puff Daddy

Gee Stan, is this your idea of "recreational activities"?

"Investigating police are now looking at claims up to four other Hutt Valley High students were also attacked, including having their pants pulled down and being violated with scissors, calculators, cellphones and a shoe."

Nice one. Do your "recreational activities" still involve viewing illegal and ultra-perverted porn sites, Stan?

John Boy

I remember a border at my high school having his nuts nuggeted as a birthday ritual way back in about 1968. Fun? Not for him and probably not for the victims here either.

Hutt Valley High has had drug problems for years with mufti cops regularly on site. Its not the pick of the schools in the Hutt and the administtration having its head up its arse in denial won't alter that.


The comments from our demonic troll stan leave me in no doubts this evil minded twisted person should by incarcerated until he mends his sinister ways .

My two high school daughters have both been bashed and bullied at their High School where gang members children regularly supply illicit drugs for consumption by anybody .The teachers all turn a blind eye, because they’re all powerless to do anything about the widespread problem. Kids got cellphones, drugs, bebo sites, booze, fights, ciggys, sex, free condoms and rock and roll. Stan likes it that way.

Our poor children and it’s the fault of Klarkism!!

Psycho Milt

Our poor children and it’s the fault of Klarkism!!

You're in for one hell of a deep disappointment once National is the govt, D4J.

Sam Finnemore

Sadly, no. National will keep blaming everything on the previous Labour government once they are the ruling party - and so will d4j and all his ilk.


For my 2 cents.
This does reflect us as a nation.
We're a bunch of liars and hypocrites from the top down (read Beehive to shop floor).

That includes Flip Flop Key even though Helen's got bigger balls than he has.

The reality is we vote to put them there and we watch the programs and read the magazines that create the culture.

moaning doesn't cut the mustard.
We have to demonstrate our to our young by our actions not our talk.


Spot on Mickmack ,your comment is worth far more than 2 cents .Actions speak louder than words . Just watch the first 15 minutes of the 6 O'Clock News for the sad evidence on our society, meanwhile nanny police charge a dad for assault for flicking his young children's ears, so they didn't play chicken with a bus . The cops are at the donut shop while a homicidal maniac kills a couple of young girls . RIP Stephen B .

I am not proud to be a kiwi.


I'm puzzled. For years Hutt Valley High School had academic results toward the top of NZ. This school is a bastion for the Lower Hutt community. I feel sure it is still effective for those families and kids that are there to learn.

The right wing media loves to swoop in on a particular school and make the lives of those there a complete misery. Guess it must be the turn of HVHS.

The statistics being quoted about behaviours seem extravagant to me. Could it again be plenty of myths and unreliable surveying of unreliable samples - when the reality is invariably a minority.

The reality is unlikely to be as bad as the publicity. That is my prediction.


What do you see when you look into your mirror Peter. I dread to think about the horror you must experience. I don't suppose you own a mirror for that very reason.
Kind regards
Peter Burns


Unlike you perhaps Daddy 4, I am not so vain as to be gazing at myself in a mirror all day long.

HVHS will pull through although no doubt a few scapegoats may be identified in the process.


I find the right wing blog Kiwiblog quite illuminating on the subject of HVHS:

'PhilBest Says:
January 29th, 2008 at 1:47 pm

This is odd. Hutt Valley High School is the PREFERRED State high school in Lower Hutt, and property values in its “zone” are worth several G’s more as any real estate agent will tell you.(Auckland Grammar effect, only not quite so extreme). So if things are this bad, either its reputation is undeserved or the OTHER State schools are WORSE!

It might be an unfortunate case of one example getting all the scrutiny while all the others get off scot free. Our leftist Mainstream Media will never let the true state of things in the OVERALL be known where State schools are concerned, the Teachers Unions having some sort of Taboo.'

I agree with all that Phil Best says except the reference to teachers unions which I do not understand.

Otherwise, Phil Best is agreeing with my previous postings.

Seems like it is the Decile 9 schools that have the students that can fund the hard drugs, alcohol etc.

Suggest you read all discussion on the link,


Speaking of eduction

Might be worth its own thread Ian/Andrei but worthy of note..

Today it was announced that Katherine Rich is to leave Parliament at next General Election.

She was 9 years in Opposition, and poised to become Minister of Education, perhaps?

Maybe, like her successor as Education Spokesperson Anne Tolley, she may return after a break.

I mourn the loss of a member who showed strong personal integrity and quite a liberal world view. As a liberal, she seemed to be on the save wave length as John Key.

Should we be reading any more into this?

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