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No need to think it andrei, it just is.

Of course, I think it's allah's punishment for the royal family murdering dodi al fayed. :-)

Acid Comments

Hmmm. Here we go again?


Sex education could be made compulsory for five-year-olds
By SARAH HARRIS - More by this author »

Last updated at 23:22pm on 25th February 2008

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Children as young as five could be given compulsory sex education, it was revealed yesterday.

The prospect emerged as ministers unveiled a review of Sex and Relationship Education in primary and secondary schools.

A panel will examine "the right age to begin teaching what the key messages are and content that young people should receive at each key stage".


On the other hand, Andrei, a 4.7 quake is hardly Wrath-of-God stuff is it?

Question: Are the little ones the result of saucer techtonics?


You mean, something was dropped at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party?


You would know all about a mad haters tea parties fugly.


Looks like its been upgraded to magnitude 5.3 on the Richter scale.

Perhaps a clue lie in what has been damaged


andrei - we must be due for a large earthquake in NZ ?


earthquakes don't run to timetables, so its never right to say one is due or overdue. They simply happen when the Earth needs to release pressure in its plates.

Unlike internet abuse, earthquakes can never be predicted.


I recall that Napier Earthquake was in 1931 with quite a death toll. It took out Christians and non-Christians alike. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I don't think a god got involved in that because they were already in The Depression mode. Or maybe it was a god's idea of a make work scheme and that the human collateral was worth the sacrifice.

Most likely however earthquakes are caused by plate techtonics; i.e. a natural world phenomenon. Like evolution, micro and macro, actually.

Ha Ha Ha



If God was vengeful, uncaring being, you would probably be a smoking pile of grease by now. You aren't so, obviously, He isn't.

Case closed.


I blame the aliens. Goddamn greys with tectonic disruptor beams and anal probes!


Jim said:

"If God was vengeful, uncaring being, you would probably be a smoking pile of grease by now. You aren't so, obviously, He isn't"

Well I don't know about that, and I would not tempt fate if I were you Jim. When a god takes revenge, it is the god's habit to take out major sections of the population while about it!

I think I'm in Taupo for Easter. Keep away everybody because a god just might decide to take the cork out of Ruapehu big time!

Ha Ha HA!!!


Do you often laugh at the idea of thousands of people dying?



Three exclamation marks at the end of a sentence is a clear indication of a deranged mind.


I do wonder what psych hospital Peter is in ?
Poor chap I will pray for him.

John Boy

Yep Andrei, probably, but I do wonder if there are occasionally strings attached as the Bible indicates there are. There's lots going on in the UK that isn't sensible. One day we will see I guess.


Ropata asks:

"Do you often laugh at the idea of thousands of people dying?"

No but there is an implication that there is a god that laughs if thousands of innocent people are killed while the attempt is being made to punish a minority that is being targetted!


Doesn't sound like God to me. More like the other guy


So Ropata - are you suggesting that a devil may object to people like me that constantly pull a god's leg?

Surely that puts a god and a devil in the same team?

Ha Ha Ha!!!


Uh, I can't quite parse your surreal leaps of logic. But your little sub-reality has things exactly backwards. My premise is that God is good, it makes all the difference. The alternative is existential crisis.

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