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Interesting to note though that the article was immediately followed by an ad for one of Michael Savage's books.....


Ah yes,

When you talk to god, its prayer. When god talks to you, its insanity.

So, simply because Rossiter doesn't understand someone else's view poit, they must be loopy.

I guess you'd agree with this fruitloop too,

Evidence must always be interpreted within the context of interpretive assumptions.

Or, in other words, if the evidence conflicts with faith, reject the evidence, cling to faith.


Well it is a psychiatrist's job to decide if people are loopy. And he didn't understand the liberal point of view how?


Actually, in order for something to be considered a mental disorder, there must be some form of dysfunction in normal tasks of living (DSM4 criteria). I don't think being annoying busybodies quite cuts it, so I have to agree with you with, Fugley - I think Rossiter is a fruitloop too.

Interesting article you quoted too, but it actually applies to all forms of belief, not just religious or atheistic faith.


This guys says:

"A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity – as liberals do,"

That is certainly not true of New Zealand. Read "The Hollow Men" and there you will find out about Don Brash and moral integrity. As for free choice, there are still extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists trying to infiltrate our secular education system.

As for voluntary cooperation, the extreme right are the greed people looking after Number 1. Community cooperation is signing a cheque if they are by chance feeling generous enough.

I have observed that it is extreme right wing religious Christian fundamentalists who insidiously want ot undermine free choice, voluntary cooperations and moral integrity.

"When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious."

So who are these imaginary villains and victims?



Hmm, let's see... You meet the criteria for paranoia easily. I can almost hear you froth at the mouth from here...
Certainly a confusional state. I mean, really, believing "The Hollow Men"!

Thought so.

You really are a nutbar.


Do you post anywhere else Peter, or is your obsession with 'extreme right wing religious Christian fundamentalists' confined to this site?

Your posts appear neurotic.



It is quite obvious that the National Party members believed The Hollow Men. As Don Brash discovered, refuting it was a risky business because it seemed Nicky Hager could always produce yet another email to back him up if challenged!

I hear that a play of "The Hollow Men" will be on up in Auckland in April. Jim - will I see you there on Opening Gala Night or closing night?

This is my main site for posting actually because this is where Ian Wishart is.

Andrew Davies

Well done Peter. You have proved the good doctors point in spades.
And you even go further and admit you are a stalker. What an exiting life you lead.



It is not that at all. I just find Ian Wishart the most interesting of the Christian fundamentalists on offer.

Occasionally you get onto the forum and try to depress us with your dreary fundamentalist control view of the world. (Children must be seen but not heard etc) Ian on the other hand is full of mischief!!

Andrew - if you are on the tiles tonight, have a round for me will you?

Ha Ha Ha!!!


Oh Andrew - I am also participating a little on another forum at

A thread about "The Divinity Code" has been going there a few weeks and it now contains almost 300. Ian has kindly entered the debate. You can't miss it.


Well it seems prescribing them pills wont work


Ian - can you please stop this . Can I have the identity of this person as I had enough of this!!

[F and DM are not the same person. I am deleting a range of comments on the grounds of being off topic, but leaving a couple here as scarecrows. The lesson for everyone is that deviations from discussing an issue into the ad hominem are being treated as 'off topic']


I have had it!!!!

Danger Mouse

Wow. So you can call people here anything from nutbars to insane (just ask Peter and Fugley), and when I call you on it you tell me to get f##ked and don't like the mud being flung back? Try to be consistent.


The lefty delusion is that their own and others problems can be resolved by adjusting external influence factors.

They haven't understood the fundamental truth that circumstances change not by adjusting the situation but by changing the mental state with which you regard it.

It's a fundamental world view that they have got completely wrong. To their own detriment.

D4J, have you read any of James Allen's works? As a man thinketh is free online, it's a great book.

DM, you prove yourself to be a vindictive individual by your extremely personal references, obviously designed to hurt not help. I hope you realise that ultimately you're only hurting yourself.

Danger Mouse

[off topic]


[off topic]


I have to train my children to grow up and the article resonates with truth.
As for Peter's purge on Christians we have a biblical mandate, command and duty to bring the good news about Jesus Christ to others.


Everybody does when they do it DM.

While that's a universal law I think also there's a boundary line. We all learn it as children, and know it instinctively. As a child I stepped over it many times to my regret, and as an adult I wish I hadn't done many things. However even when I was doing it, I knew instinctively in my child's mind that I shouldn't.

Now that I'm more in control I try not to, but I still lapse occasionaly - hey I'm a flawed human trying to be.

I think the Buddha line about refusing to accept someone's abuse is a great philosophy.

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