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Acid Comments

"When I was a kid an everyday sight was to see prams and pushchairs hung from the front of the bus."

Yeah, that's one of the problems with our socalled modern 'public transport'. The buses these days don't have proper storage for prams and now they often end up clogging up the aisle inside the bus making it hard to get seated or off and on a bus particularly when they're full!

So much for progress. No wonder alot of mothers prefer to take the car instead of going by bus on shopping trips, etc!


The butt-covering busybody bureaucrats empowering our sclerotic state sector do not like to trust the citizenry. Control-freak governments seem to have a tradition of usurping parenthood or other subversive activities that might allow people to have an independent thought. But this sort of thing is to be expected when an entire nation wants cradle-to-grave welfare and refuses to grow up.


“Dr Prasad said raising children was the most important job many people would do, and it was essential for communities to be more supportive.”

I agree Dr Prasad, however it is critical that government must be supportive of both genders when speaking of parenting. Remember dad’s government? Hardly likely when the head researcher of the Commission and the Prime Minister are both radical feminists.

I meet with the Families Commissioner Rajen Prasad and other members of the Commission as a member of the Fathers Coalition a year ago. We presented evidence that showed the correlation of male suicide and litigation within the Family Court.
I was handed over a 6000 word document relating to my personal depressive episode.
The Commissioner said that he is deeply concerned about the issues raised by the Fathers Coalition.

Now I am impressed with this man Rajen Prasad and his comments regarding my personal situation will be kept private at this time, however he correctly states that the Family Court does not need another investigation into its procedure. The reason being that four previous investigations have been conducted with the last being tabled in March 2003. The Law Commission Report 82 – Dispute Resolution in the Family Court was full of common sense ideas on early intervention mediation. It was great news for all parents and children.

Sadly the Law Commission Report has been shelved, as a dust collector somewhere in government archives and the report writer has been rewarded with a Family Court judge’s position. So much for early intervention mediation option. Pity as it could have enabled any children to continue in a settled routine despite any conflict. Lawyers and psychologists look to get richer and richer at the expense of the NZ family.

Not until we release government agencies from the handcuffs of unlawful gender discrimination will balanced parenting be able to flourish unhindered. We must prioritise the family, but that’s hardly likely, as this socialist wacky government is completely out of step with the majority of the world on matters relating to the family. Just look at the appalling child abuse statistics and the fact that this government has twice deliberately refused to back equal parenting. This is total travesty of justice by a vindictive government, who looks at every available angle to undermine traditional family values.

I hope the family and parenting are the single biggest election issues?
I hope National get some male mettle so they can fix the scales of justice because the radical feminists have destroyed all gender balance.

John Boy

Ahhh... the good old days. In respect of things that mattered they really were I think. My childhood was filled with generally happy times as were most in the 60' and 70's I suspect.

The more intervention we have from the govt the worse it seems to have got. Reading the news is like reading Hosea - there's sensible way that gives good outcomes and a stupid way that brings disaster.

Well done D4J.


Well to me this is a global social trend that's not accidental. To pin it one govt at one time doesn't begin to describe the event.

Is it really an accident that we are where we are?

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