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I've done some research into this and it seems that 6.5 people between the ages of 18 and 32 heard a 1990 mazda 323 accelerate away from the curb outside their home just after their phone rang.

Someone is calling in those "dinner hits".

It's Chilling.



A. They phone at that time because they know you will be at home.


B. They are the evil spawn of hell.

I go for B, myself...

Acid Comments

It's a conspiracy man!

Sam Finnemore

Protip: if you go to malls, never ever sign up for those 'win a car' promotions. You'll get endless phonecalls.




Two connected reasons I have been told from the inside:

1. Greater probability you will be home.

2. Greater probability that you will hang up on them.

Bonuses are paid on number of calls successfully connected!!

So if you get phoned at dinner time, don't feel guilty by telling them early in the conversation that you are not interested and hanging up. They have their bonus!


I block all communication channels when I feast. Shut down mode and only start up after coffee & dinner mint.


Nah you just tell them to "hang on a minute."

Andrew Davies

I used to let them ask their questions on condition of them allowing me to ask them one question at the end. They always agreed. It meant I had to sit through it all but then I got to ask "If you died tonight and God asked you why He should let you into Heaven, what would you say?"
It led to some good conversations but also on occasions some very audible squirming. Good fun though.

Sam Finnemore

You can always claim that you already get the offered service or goods for free. They will either pause or panic as they try to work out a way in which their offer is better than getting the item gratis. As soon as they have three or four words strung together, hang up.

Good fun on speakerphone also.


the reason they ring you up at dinner tme as because they want to know what you are having for tea and it is the best time to ask.

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