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Just because I slip out of sight a couple of days, that does not mean this forum needs to go to the dogs!

Look Andrei, the site is purely trying to emphasise the value of the 2 alternative languages.

And English IS the default official language here because it is the one spoken by most people.

Arabic would presumably join the list if and when it became spoken by sufficient numbers or even most people. Assuming these people did not also speak English though, I suspect.

Sign language people do not have the luxury of too much choice. Society makes a commitment to see that there needs are recognised when dealing with education, etc

No different from the consideration we show to other people with diabilities. If we do of course


"Just because I slip out of sight a couple of days, that does not mean this forum needs to go to the dogs!"

Oh no Peter you are the sick dog !!

Danger Mouse

What a charming man that D4J is, always pronouncing on the psychiatric state of others.


Have to agree with Peter on this one, Andrei (Horror of Horrors!). All the site is pointing out is that the two languages (Te reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language) have legal status in NZ. The default standard is English (because that's what everyone speaks).
All it means is that, if you are in court, you can insist that everything is translated into one of these two languages. Otherwise the default is (quite properly) English.
Technically you can get any official document translated into the other official languages, although you might battle getting something like the EFB translated into NZSL!


"How long until Arabic joins the official list I wonder?"

Andrei - why would you say this? Surely not a sign of your occasional blatant anti-Muslim bias?

I mean isn't there larger Chinese and Indian communities in NZ? If so the next on the official languages list would surely be Mandarin and Hindi..? But oh, no, you have to have your trademark dig at Muslims...

Shame you have to ruin your usually well-written posts with this nonsense. As you know it takes a lot of effort to build up credibility and very little to destroy it, but you are not doing yourself any favours with such unrelated bias.


A valid criticism Sean. That sentence was on reflection gratuitous within the context of this post.

However Arabic is not synonymous with Islam.

And there are those with the stated intention of creating a worldwide caliphate - a vision that neither you or I share I suspect.

How much damage those with this vision do and how much blood is spilled in furtherance of this ambition remains to be seen. A great deal has been already has it not?

Ryan Sproull

In other words English is no longer an official language of New Zealand, according to the pointy heads of the Ministry but has to be used (unfortunately?) only because it is the one the majority of people speak and understand.

How long until Arabic joins the official list I wonder?



I'd say Samoan, Chinese, and Hindi are stronger contenders than Arabic. And these 3 cultures fit in to NZ pretty well. I left Auckland 7 years ago, and the cultural mix seemed to rub along OK when I was living there.

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